What was the last film you watched?

This is perfect :joy::joy:

Can’t wait to watch The Irishman

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Is this three and half hours. I can’t do that at the cinema. Think I’m going to wait for awhile and have to be in the house.


It’s out on a limited run in cinemas and then on Netflix a couple weeks after release.

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I might not watch it in cinema in that case. I’ll wait til Netflix (hopefully before Christmas) and I can go for a wee or whatever knowing that I won’t miss any good bits

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Saw Joker, really liked it. Cinematography, music, sound editing, ACTING.


Epic scene

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Kinda wanna see that.

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Joker, Le Mans ‘66, The Gentlemen, Doctor Sleep. Pretty strong pre-xmas showing right now

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I liked leto’s joker it is more comic accurate than the others. The only thing is he never got enough screen time to flush out his take. There was more cottage with him that could make a entire movie of him and harlequin apparently. I don’t why people hate it so much I’m guessing is because to were so attached to ledgers joker.

Definitely watching this.

It’s probably the one out of those 4 to watch at the cinema isn’t it you think?

I’m not made of money :grimacing:

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Yeah wouldn’t bother watching Joker in the cinema.

In fact, wouldn’t even bother watching it on telly

  • Ad Astra. Knew I’d forgotten one. Anyone seen this yet?

@Robin_L for what it’s worth

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Have you ever actually watched a Batman film? His back story has been done so many times and motivations explained that if I had to sit through it another time I’d puke in my hat.

They should have started with Nolan’s Dark Knight series and built the DCEU from that. Instead of bringing in hacks who couldn’t direct traffic in Lubbock Texas.

Is that notoriously easy?

Yep beautiful visuallys but the story’s rubbish best save ur money an wait till its on tv/streaming to watch it.

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What an engaging watch. The character development was superb and very well played. Good shit.

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Joker as well

Thought it was sick! The 1st act was a bit of slog but the 2nd and 3rd act really held it up. So good.

I’d pay good money to see a realistic, grim-dark DCU with the Joker and Batman etc. Maybe only have “heroes” that don’t have super powers in it or something.

Awesome. What a fantastic origins story for the Joker.


Saw Joker last night. Exceptional acting by everyone, especially Joaquin Pheonix. Character development was truly outstanding.