What was the last film you watched?


10 Cloverfield Lane

Thought it was interesting. John Goodman was good, well he was a bad guy, but good.



Was that video meant to be in this thread @Bl1nk ? :smiley:


The Blue Max (1966)

1918, A German infantryman serving in the trenches during WW1 decides he wants to become a fighter pilot and wishes to receive a ‘Blue Max’ medal. The medal you receive when you have downed 20 enemy planes. A medal that his hero Manfred von Richtofen (The Red Baron) received.

I did not like this film.


Man, you gotta live up to that username of yours, and do a proper Bergman marathon instead :smiley:


Mentioning Mr Bergman… I watched two documentaries about him. One called ‘Liv & Ingmar’ which is Liv talking about their relationship (both romantic and afterwards) and also ‘Bergman’s Island’ but only the first part so far about his home/life on the beautiful Island of Faro.

To go along with Wild Strawberries, Persona, Passion Of Anna & Shame which I’ve seen so far of his filmography.


For some reason, I’ve not seen any of those documentaries. The “Liv & Ingmar” one, based on the few scenes/trailers that I’ve seen, looks terribly sentimental. I’m skeptical about that kind of documentary, about a person like Bergman.
Might watch the other one on some occasion. There’s also a documentary about his creative process (made by Vilgot Sjöman), that looks interesting. Actually can’t believe I haven’t seen that one…

As for me, I’ve ran out of interesting Bergman films to watch. Only a few early ones (and they’re usually not very good) and a few forgotten ones left to watch. And some of those that are forgotten, are just that, because he was so embarrassed so he made sure that tracking them down would be difficult :smiley:


‘Liv & Ingmar’ was probably what would be expected of such a project. But I like that she doesn’t shy away from the negative aspects of her time with Ingmar. For example his troubles with jealousy & isolationism.

Bergman’s Island was Ingmar walking around his house & speaking about his life and his demons. The first part is about Faro. The 2nd part is about Cinema & the last part is about the theatre.


Well, Apparently isolationism doesn’t mean what I thought it did. :smiley: But you get what I mean.


Carlito’s Way



Has anyone seen Warcraft? If so, any good?


Saw the Danish black comedy 'Comeback’ (2015)

6/10 - interesting take on being a comedian, and how self-absorbed they are.

For those new to Scandinavian comedy, this could be the one that gets you into it.


Haha look at that little racoon go.


Fail-Safe (1964)

A malfunction in a piece of equipment gives a group of bombers armed with nukes from the US orders to drop their load on Moscow. The President and his generals must figure out a way to prevent full scale nuclear war with the help of the Soviet Premier and his staff.

Must say I really enjoyed this film. Stars Henry Fonda as the US President.


On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969)

Leader of SPECTRE, Ernst Stavro Blofeld who is going by the French version of his name is living in Switzerland and runs a research laboratory specialising in diseases of humans and livestock wants to find out if he has the right to the noble status of ‘Count’ which supposedly goes back generations in his family. James Bond, Having been trying to track Blofeld down for a long while is taken off the case but decides to go rogue and assumes the identity of a British genealogist in order to be invited and thus infiltrate Blofeld’s Swiss mountain lair.

Lazenby quit the franchise after this film having been told by his agent that James Bond was a 60s fad and would go out of fashion into the 70s. What a mistake.

Billion Dollar Brain (1967)

Michael Caine as former MI5 agent Harry Palmer goes to Helsinki after being given a job over the telephone. When he arrives he learns that the job is a setup by his old pal who wants to offer him a bigger job, One given to them by a computer. This meeting will end up with him trying to prevent a fanatical retired US General who owns the mission delivering computer from invading the Soviet Union in Riga, Latvia.

This is an unintentionally funny film. The US General is something of a comical over-acted patriotic mad man. I enjoyed Funeral In Berlin, Another Palmer film but not this one so much.



Some people think he was a great bond but this movie was far too serious for me. Glad he got out because Moore was such a better bond for the wacky tongue and cheek bond films of the 70s and early 80s


I find myself enjoying OHMSS more and more after each viewing. But I would say it’s the least ‘movie Bond’ (meaning the way he was played by Brosnan, Connery & Moore - aka the majority which had some intentional cheesiness & humour. Those Bonds were also more love & leave them. While OHMSS Bond was a fall in love & ride off into the sunset kind of man) of them all up until Craig’s emotionless Bond.

Strangely though, The Lazenby Bond is often called the most Fleming novel-esque Bond of them all. I would sort of liked to have seen what else he could’ve done with the role. I liked him. But, As you say, I guess it was for the best as we might’ve missed out on Roger Moore.


Me Before You

Loved it. Great chickflick.


Yeah it really depends on the type of movie you like. For me if Bond is just a straightforward secret agent with none of the other stuff it makes the franchise so ordinary imo. Bond just overpowering people in the new movies is so boring imo. It doesn’t do the series justice, with the intelligent ways Bond used to dispatch his enemies. One of my favorite scenes so perfectly illustrates this. When Oddjob is giving an ass kicking to Bond and he tricks him into grabbing his metal hat off the metal bars in fort Knox while bond grabs a downed electricity line and zaps him.


Safe to say I was forced to watch this, but I actually enjoyed it :grin: