What was the last film you watched?

10 Cloverfield Lane.

I’m guessing this film is a metaphor for domestic violence/ abuse as nothing else can possibly explain the stupidity of the ending. Don’t get the positive reviews for this film, thought it was quite poor. It was reasonably well made is about the best compliment.

It’s a loosely based sequal to an old found footage monster film from a few years back. If you didn’t know that I can imagine the ending would be a right WTF moment lol.

The Shawshank Redemption was on itv last night so I ended up watching the second half, as is often the case when I stumble across it on the telly.

Such a watchable film.


It’s amazing.

Think I’ve watched it like 7-8 times, everytime it’s on telly I end up watching the whole thing. The scene when he climbs out of the drainage is so powerful. The whole film really, so many great scenes.


Central Intelligences - 1/10 This is this worst film I have seen for ages and its not funny.
Now you see me 2 - 7/10 not has good has the first one but still enjoyable fun
The legend of Tarzan - 6/10
Ghostbusters 2016 7/10 film doesn’t deserve the amount of hate it got. It funny and fun a good popcorn flick and the cast is great. The film is let down by the villain but then so are the marvel films. Best 3D film since avatar.
Me before you- 7/10 I had know idea what this film was about I just put it on for something to watch whilst I played FM16. First film I have seen that has euthanasia in as well.
The fundamentals of caring 8/10 if you have Netflix and are wanting something to watch check this film out.

Saw it yesterday, great film! Paul Rudd is a fine actor.

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I didn’t realise it was based on a previous film? Was the original such a muddle?

The ending would have been ok if the first 120 mins had actually bothered to put some effort into discussing / exploring what might be outside, so that it felt grounded in the story.

The first was pretty poor tbh, it’s practically just a bunch of friends caught in the city when some Godzilla-esque monster starts kicking up a fuss. The concept is good and based around the fact you are meant to be as confused as the protagonists but overall the execution is woeful.

Cloverfield Lane for me wasn’t a bad film but I think it would have worked much better away from the Cloverfield series. The film was interesting enough without the over the top ending. The Divide is a much better movie focusing on people in a bunker during the apocalypse but it’s also a hell of lot darker.

Darker you say…think I’ll look into watching that one.

Really should have been called Now You Don’t


I liked Cloverfield Lane. I didnt realize it was the same universe as the Cloverfield project, which i hated.

If only they had given you a subtle clue, perhaps in the title, or the fact it featured huge, fuck off monsters. No I’m not talking about John Goodman.


Well first off Cloverfield is an area in Santa Monica where JJ Abrams’ studios are located. That’s why the original movie was named after it, but nowhere in the original movie did they ever refer to the monster as Cloverfield or even mention that name. So it seemed to me it was a random name. And that’s what I had assumed about this movie as well.

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Mirror (1975) - Andrei Tarkovsky

Ivan’s Childhood (1962) - Andrei Tarkovksy

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Bridge of Spies (2015)

Film set in 1960 in the height of the Cold War. The US sends a newly developed spy plane to spy on Russia. On one of the missions, Their plane is shot down and their pilot survives but is captured by the Soviets. America, Thinking the pilot would inevitably crack and provide the Soviets with information about the plane & other such delicate material decide they will make a swap. US spy for Soviet spy. The place this swap will occur is Glienicke Bridge, Between East & West Germany.

Finally got around to seeing this and I was quite disappointed in it. The historical aspect of it was quite interesting. But, I just found it quite…I don’t know really, Dull? I just wasn’t really invested in it. I was so so looking forward to this too. Mark Rylance who played Abel was quite good.

I’m usually not one for scary (or even slightly scary) movies but I loved 10 Cloverfield Lane.


I just saw straight outa compton. That was a damn good movie. Someone should have been nominated for an Oscar for that movie. Eazy E and the actor who played cube were exceptional.

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Jason Bourne

Average. Nowhere near as good as any of the previous Greengrass films. The choppy weird camera movement got quite annoying by the end for me, probably because the film itself was a let down. Not enough actual hand-to-hand fighting (which is why I love these movies) except for the very end. Expected much better.


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Surprisingly not terrible.

Sounds fucking terrible :grinning:

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