What was the last film you watched?

Hahaha it was really well done, but for people expecting any sort of different storyline you’d be disappointed. Personally though I really enjoyed it.

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Just got back watching Yesterday at the cinema. Made a proper evening of it, went Nando’s beforehand and smashed 4 chicken thighs some peri-peri chips and halloumi sticks. Banging. @JakeyBoy @SRCJJ @Sol

Anyway, Yesterday was brilliant. Very feel good film with good performances across the board, good editing and visuals and overall just a very happy film that had me leave with a full heart after a long couple of weeks!

If you like The Beatles this is a must.


Lion King
Wow easily has good as the original. The cgi is unreal in this films its like watching planet earth.
My only con about the film is Beyonce getting lines an singing apart from that it’s good solid 8/10 film

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Yesterday I took a couple of hours to watch one of my favorite comedies, What’s Up Doc? Few movies put me in such a good mood as this one.

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The Dark Tower.

I haven’t read the books (they’ve been on my forever long ‘to-read’ list) but it really feels like a lite version of what I imagine the books to be. I believe there’s a series of books (8?) so no way are they conveying everything into a film.

It wasn’t bad. Idris and Matt are both terrific lads.


The Lion King

So as someone who loved the original I’m gonna go into a lot more depth than the average viewer on this.

On a visual and audio level, beautiful. Worth watching for the nostalgia and masterful CGI alone.

The dialogue in all major scenes however, extremely underwhelming. From the first conversation between Scar, Zazu and Mufasa it was already becoming clear it wouldn’t match up on this front.

There was a noticeable effort to avoid delivering lines in the same tone to the original (made clearest by James Earl Jones performance) but to the extent they did so without offering even half the passion and conviction that made the original so great.

Scar, Timon and Pumbaa the only noteworthy performances. They were great. Although omitting Jeremy Irons as Scar is still practically inexcusable from Disney.

Zazu reasonably good. Sadly Rafiki and the hyenas were utter garbage.

Next up… “Long live the king”. Soz but Ejiofor flopped his big line hard.

The BIGGEST disappointment for me was the “Remember who you are” scene, which is probably the most powerful scene from the original. Mufasa’s lines and execution here barely even made sense this time. Actually astounded by how badly they fucked this up. Couldn’t even see my guys head in the clouds!!

And finally one more scene they failed to hit their mark on…

I get the impression they just had to get the lines out of the way to focus on the stunning imagery and music. Like they were short on time.

They also focused a bit too much on comedy value and breaking the fourth wall to the extent it got a little awkward.

Overall I think it really could and should have been a great remake had any care gone into the voice acting. Without this though it barely scrapes a 7 for me.


I agree with everything. It’s watchable - but I was hugely disappointed.

The dialogue was real bad at times.

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Thanks for the in-depth review @manlikehass

I’m going to see it later today, but heard similar critics. Great CGI and sound. Dialogue and emotions very disappointing.

Hope I’ll still enjoy it!

One off my biggest disappointments was the scene after the elephant gravehard. Nala doest wish simba good luck an simba doesn’t seem bothered about approaching his dad compared to the original simba was slow to go to his dad with his head down because he knew he was in trouble

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Wrapped it in spoiler tags

But it’s a 20year old film


Thought this film was an abomination. The cast on paper was terrific, but the execution was piss poor.

Casting a black guy as Roland was just wrong, as one of the key themes of the books was racism (one of the key characters is a black woman who despises Roland because he is white).

Could have made the films into a really good trilogy, but they just fucked it by squeezing everything into one film.


Wow, I’m surprised King let this happen then!

JD Salinger put a clause in his will that CitR could never be made into a film unless he played Holden Caulfield. I just feel like some authors have a super bond to their works and find it odd that King let someone do this film when it’s clearly watery piss in comparison to his books.

You’ve listened to the latest Adam Buxton pod too then :smiley:

I think it’s a bit different for King though who has written why must be close to 50 books at this stage too. He couldn’t possibly hold the same connection to them that Salinger did.

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King literally says in the foreword in one of his books his approach and advice to any young others is to take the money and run when it comes to adaptions. It’s a little disappointing as most of his adaptions are complete dog shit, and the ones that are done right are cinematic gold.

Saw Spider Man: FFH and MiB: International at the drive-in last week. FFH was fantastic, MiB: was decent, but not worth staying up until 2 AM for.

Last night I re-watched Ronin. It had been a while, good movie.

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I thought this movie was great loved it. It’s roundly hated by DC fans mostly because it’s not dark enough and they feel like it tries to emulate Marvel far too much. For me tho, that’s not an issue whatsoever because that formula clearly works. This was one of my favorite super hero movies in quite a while.

OMG not seen this in years! Great film.

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Just saw Lion King. Solid remake I’d rate a 6.7

Keeps a classic story intact, Visuals and cinematography were amazing.

I didn’t rate the voice acting of Donald Glover and Beyonce, felt a bit wooden and didn’t sync well with the face animation but they killed the musical parts obviously.

The pacing was a little off too

Best performance came from Chiwetel Ejiofor as Scar. Best live action recreation of a classic Disney villain I’ve seen to date. Favreau really nailed it.

The whole film would have been flat with Pumbaa and Timon performances too