What was the last film you watched?

Iron Man 3. Meh, it was fine. I’ve had enough of the Iron Man films now, like him more in the Avengers when he is diluted by the other characters. Same with Thor actually, was all a bit much in his solo film, but I enjoyed him as much as anyone in Avengers Assemble. Expecting Dark World to be meh for me (this film is next in my queue) like Thor was, but I have high hopes for Ragnarok as I’ve heard nothing but universal praise for it.

I like Guy Pearce though and Ben Kingsley’s role was clearly a lot of fun for all involved. Pretty entertaining stuff but not a film that’ll live long in the memory at all


Civil War was a good Iron Man film, if you haven’t seen it yet


Civil War is titled ‘Captain America - Civil War’

Althought it’s more like an Avengers movie considering whole cast is in play


On ITV now.

:goat: Brosnan era

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I agree, Iron Man solo films are a bit boring to me as well. I do like Thor a lot more just because the whole Vikings in outer space thing is pretty awesome. Ragnarok is definitely the best one.

Anyone seen the new Spider-Man yet? Was kinda meh to me.


Yeah I saw. I don’t think I can watch anymore Spiderman in MCU until he graduates.the whole high school setup is very boring to me.


I absolutely adore Spider Man. In terms of fictional characters, he’s only surpassed by my love for Batman. Aside from Raimi’s third in the trilogy, I’ve really liked every film. Yep, even the Andrew Garfield ones.

Homecoming was not without its flaws, but unlike so many other people, I thought it was great. Tom Holland is the best to play the role, fight me if you don’t like it. Firstly, he actually looks the part. Finally we’ve got a Peter Parker who I can actually believe is a teenagerand not a grown man edging thirty. He’s a movie star, so obviously he is good looking, but not so much so that it distracts from what should be a fairly awkward and geeky character. Andrew Garfield had this problem, he seemed a bit too good looking and cool. Spider Man is also meant to be fun, wise cracking and full of cheesy jokes, and I think Tom Holland does es this better than his predecessors. I think him having a Stark suit with an AI to converse with helps on this front.

@DavidHillier I haven’t seen that one yet, because what I’m doing now is watching all of the films in the MCU in chronological order. Which is why I’m being somewhat disciplined and not watching this latest Spider Man, despite how much I want to.


One thing I don’t like about this new age Spiderman (as opposed to the Tobey Maguire age) is that his every move is predicated by SHIELD and Tony Stark and what have you.

I agree with you on two things- superheroes wise 1. Batman, 2. Spiderman, 3. The rest. And I also agree that Tom Holland is the best spiderman of all

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Yup, he is the perfect casting for the role.

What I feel with MCU Spiderman movies is that they are more Holland movies than Spiderman which is fine but he has no baggage.
Spiderman always had some baggage in his life, death of his uncle, or lack of money or best friend being in a disarray or love interest complications; dealing all of it alone.
My favourite animated version of Spiderman is that he was mutating into uncontrollable spider monster and he had go around trying to find treatment with very few friends to help him out.

Holland version is well off with no money issue, well supported by school friends, well supported by Shield/Avengers, and only baggage of Tony’s death, he would soon move out because the sorrow is shared by many & he had nothing to do with it.

Also I haven’t enjoyed Spiderman’s movements with this one yet. Spiderverse was so on point with it.
It’s a shame because Holland is really adept in gymnastics.

I need to stop discussing these hugely popular films because I am basically encouraging spoilers like this lol.

I know like half the cast die, but didn’t know which particular characters.

Not blaming you though, it’s my fault for being behind the times.

Last comment, weirdest thing about the new Spidey films is Aunt May being really fuckable. Marisa Tomei :heart_eyes:


What the fuck?
Where are you in MCU chronology?

Marisa Tomei is proper babe

I’ve just watched Iron Man 3, but I’ve also seen Ant Man, the two Guardians of the Galaxy films and Spidey Homecoming, but that’s it. I’d also already seen the three Iron Man films and the first Avengers before embarking on this epic viewing marathon.

With all the latest Avengers hype, I figured that it would be worth watching absolutely all the films so I could fully appreciate the sheer epicness of Endgame

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Will keep that in mind before throwing spoilers at ya

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Most thoughtful of you sir, thank you.

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Crack on then mate, ain’t got time to keep posting here if that’s the case


I watched The Sons of Katie Elder yesterday. Casablanca the other night. North by Northwest last week. Planning to watch The Day the Earth Stood Still in the next couple of days. I’ll be watching The Fastest Gun Alive on Monday night.

Spiderman is the only superhero that I actually like tbh, Batman is alright but mainly the games I like, arkham asylum was amazing, then the second one was way worse and I couldn’t get into arkham knight, what I really loved about arkham asylum was the smaller map because I find it awkward to get around with Batman on the bigger open world maps

Just saw Stan & Ollie, wow brilliant brilliant. Fantastic performances, but that felt like such a unique story. Touching to see some background on those two and find out how great a friendship they had. I’ve always loved them since I was a kid, glad to find out that they were in fact best of pals in real life away from the big screen.


Went and saw the Lion King with the mrs last night.

Why don’t you tell us a bit more you mysterious motherfucker?