What was the last film you watched?


Just watched The Commuter as it was £3.50 on sky store. Decent film for a Saturday night.

Basically the train version of non stop :joy:


Watched birdbox last night, thought it was alright not amazing but not awful.


Yeah I watched Bird Box the other day too. I thought it was The Walking Dead condensed into 2 hours


I’m watching it later, is it scary :eyes:


I didn’t find it scary, however the girlfriend did but then we did have all the lights turn off and watch dit in the dark. I’d say it’s more creepy than scary.


I thought it was moderately scary but I’m a bit of a pussy when it comes to scary films.

I didn’t sleep properly for about a week after watching Paranormal Activity as my imagination went wild - I lived in fear that I would hear a demonic scream in the middle of the night, or that my door would slam shut / open randomly.

To give a more precise answer, if PA is a 10/10 in terms of scariness, I’d rate Birdbox as a 4 or 5 on Sol’s certified “shit-you-up” rating system. Hope that helps.


Yeah Paranormal Activity is right up there when it comes to “shit-your-pants” scary


I won’t be watching that ever. My then boyfriend watched all those (I refused) and joked about setting up the whole video recording the bedroom at night thing just in case. At least I think that’s what it was about :speak_no_evil:


Bird Box had crazy potential and it builds you up to having a high expectation of something really good happening and it ends up just being a bit underwhelming.


Yeah, the first Paranormal Activity shit me up good and proper.

The effect kinda wore off when I saw the second one and I didn’t watch any of the others.


That bit where she gets out of bed and just stands and stares at her hubby makes me shudder even as I type it.

Watch the 3rd one. The one with “Toby”. After that, they get a bit “samey”


Another vote for the paranormal activity shit me right up :rofl:

It’s prob because there’s more chance of that being a real situation, but yeah pissed my pants at that :eyes:


I was practically levitating during the the kitchen scene, when all the unit doors slam shut :sweat_smile: that was at the cinema too, so the noise was just ridiculous.

I watched Annihilation last night. Again, skirts along 5/10 for scariness, more so for a bit of gore, but the story itself was more creepy than anything. Got a bit of a Signs vibe towards the end. Not bad.


Stan and Ollie
The acting of these two greats was just fantastic. Time and time again I was Amazed by Coogans attention to detail on mannerisims of Stan Laurel.
A very worthy film to 2 legends of comedy. Would say though read one of many great books on them for a fuller picture.
Really enjoyed it and give it a nine out of ten.


Think I’m going to have to see it this weekend!


Saw it this morning. Great acting performances.



Just watched Bird Box, didn’t think it was too bad overall, quite suspenseful in places and a good premise but didn’t really deliver on the hype. 6/10 for me.

Probably the sort of thing that lends itself better to a mini series rather than just a 2 hour film.

Want to watch Bandersnatcher soon, anyone seen it?


Watched AqauMan…
Jezz… Nicole Kidman is still gorgeous… freaking gorgeous.


Yeah, I personally thought it was a bit wank and confusing.

I suppose it is the first thing of its kind but still was expecting a lot better.


Just seen it now, proper weird isn’t it :face_with_raised_eyebrow: It’s the sort of concept I’d like to see more of tho. 7/10

What’s up with that ending where it’s revealed to be a film scene and he has the option of fighting his therapist :smile::see_no_evil: