What was the last film you watched?


To be fair my parents let my girlfriend and I sleep in the same bed. Maybe it’s the difference between the Deep South where they don’t want you to have sex and my Jewish parents who JUST want grandkids more than anything in the world. :giroud:


Went to see Bumblebee last night. Never seen a transformers film before but this was very good. Also had Hailee Steinfeld in it :heart_eyes:


Yeah i thought it was surprisingly good too. Didn’t expect it. Seems like adding 80s theme to a film/series is working out very well. It’s popular.


10 years ago I would’ve been super excited to watch that. :sweat_smile:


Is it still Michael Bay, that sleazebag?



He means did Michael “Insert Big Explosion Here” Bay direct it (as it’s a Transformers spin-off) and no, he didn’t. @Electrifying




Anyone watched this yet? Given that apparently 45m people have, that must include at least one of you lot? Is it good or overhyped?


Watched it.

Just ok, nothing special really. Netflix just overhype these films and it autoplays everytime you launch Netflix.

Sandra Bullock is a great actress though.


I actually thought it was really good and what I wanted the happening to be like. It’s by no means a masterpiece but it’s a great film to watch on a cold boring night.

If I had paid seven quid to watch it in the cinema I’d have been happy enough.


Rush. Been a good while since I’d last seen it. Still a really great film.

@Persona “Tell the priest fuck off, I’m still alive!”


I unexpectedly loved that film and still do. :slight_smile:

My reaction is still akin to this when I see that scene :sweat_smile::


Such an underrated film.

Just sat down to watch this Black mirror interactive thing in Netflix, cannot get into it.


Me Before You

Hit me right in the feels.

God Emilia Clarke is fucking lovely isn’t she


Good Will Hunting 10/10

Robin Williams :wenger2: :wenger2: what a performance.


One of my all time faves. Great film.


Saw Alpha.
It’s alright


Mary Poppins returns

Cor blimey. . .that was fucking dreadful. Parenting can be such an overrated concept at times.


I, Daniel Blake.

Great film