What was the last film you watched?


The Grand Budapest Hotel

And the death of Stalin. Both good. 7/10


The 3rd installment of my guilty pleasure. They aren’t even good but I somehow still like them.


It’s because Rowan Atkinson makes anything look good :grinning:


The house that Jack built.

Morbid, twisted and just overall fucked up. I loved it.


I liked it man, one of the few films DC didn’t cock up.



Same, wasn’t expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised. I’d go along with a 7,5 as well.


Green book 9/10
Fantastic film an funny throughout with a great cast.
Aquaman 6/10
Nice littil switch ur brain of an enjoy the action film


Part 2: Seen 1/30. :laughing:


Bohemian Rhapsody is great, but it’s weird seeing Elliot like that. As a big Queen fan tho I do agree with the perceived criticism that it’s a very glossed over portrayal that tries to make itself more about the band than the frontman whenever possible (always going to happen with the input from May and Taylor)

I don’t really watch Marvel/DC action movies as they’re all one and the same, but gave ‘Venom’ a go and it was alright, Just the right mix of edgy and silliness

Re-watched ‘Lost In Translation’ again recently, still a brilliant film and nearly 20 years old now :open_mouth:


I love that movie but I am afraid of rewatching it out of fear of getting depressed.


Me too, one of my faves. Brilliant soundtrack, too.


Zodiac (2007)

Chronicles the decades long investigation of infamous serial killer.

Seen it before, the scene where Graysmith goes to the cinema projectorist’s home is still an anxious one. :laughing:


^^^ Looks like fabregas



Solid 8/10 I’d say, I was gripped for the duration. It was pretty funny at times but also pretty emotive too, the post ending bit got me pretty hard.


Mary Poppins Returns.



BlacKkKlansman was really good, they did what they had to do with the trailer, selling it as a comedy to get the audiences in with that one racist vitriol phone conversation scene, but the whole movie is so much more than that


Just watching Kingman again. Love this scene, one of my favourite action sequences.


That movie is fantastic. Watched it for the first time when I went to Georgia to meet my girlfriend’s (now wife’s) parents. They made us sleep in separate bedrooms (it is the American South) and you better believe I slept with the light on after watching that shit.


Holy shit. This looks amazing.


That always cracks me up.

My girlfriends aunt tried putting us in separate bedrooms as well when we visited her and her husband in Michigan but I said not to worry I’d just sleep in my girlfriends bed like we do in our apartment haha

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