What was the last film you watched?


Seven Psychopaths (2012)

An Irishman living in LA is writing a screenplay for a film when his friend causes havoc in his life by kidnapping a mobster’s dog.

In Bruges, Three Billboards, Seven Psychopaths… Proper like this director’s work. :slight_smile:


Watched The Ballad of Buster Scruggs on Netflix last night… It’s a series of vignettes set in the old west by the Cohen Brothers (O’ Brother Where Art Thou, Raising Arizona, Big Lowbowski).

It was good. Not great. I enjoyed it enough to watch the whole thing. However, when taken in context of some of their great work it’s a bit of a disappointment.


Tag (2018)

What a film haha. Really enjoyed it. Love these type of silly comedy’s


Fantastic beasts: the crimes of Grindelwald

I think I love prequels. Feels good to be resubmurged in the Harry Potter universe of wizardry and magic. I am not geeky enough to follow closely all the links and references but I still enjoyed this, even though the whole film is a build up for the next so there isn’t a whole lot of development.


Saw ‘Downsizing’ today.

Was a poor movie with regards to life as a tiny being which I thought the movie was about.

Was a great movie if the plot was about a man making poor life decisions & finally finding closure.

That Thai actress was immense.


Has anyone watched “Bohemian Rhapsody”?


Yeah I liked it


Cool mate. Gonna watch it next week.


I was going to, but then decided to watch A Star Is Born instead :grin:

It was worth it, I really liked it. Though everyone goes on about Lady Gaga’s performance in it, but to me Bradley Cooper was the real star, really good performance from him. I’m not surprised to see he is favourite for the best actor Oscar.


I know you don’t like good music :hipster:


Before Midnight (2013)

Jesse and Celine, now middle-aged, holiday in Greece and come to blows when they evaluate their relationship and what direction to go in for the remainder of their lives.

Watched some of it before and having read some of the horror stories about it, I didn’t feel like seeing it through.

Thought it was still quite a good film. Not as strong and likeable as the first two in the trilogy though.


Love that trilogy.

Big fan of Ethan Hawke


Seen 0/10… :sunglasses:


Same :joy:


I get the feeling @Bl1nk has probably seen all 10, and at least more than once, given he seems to spend half of his life at the cinemas :gunnersaurus:


Skipped Venom, saw the others. It’s been an okay year.

It’s just not a proper year of cinema without a new Nolan flick, though. Am I right @Sol


Yeah, aside from Avengers, I can’t even remember any of the films I watched in the cinema this year.


Seen 9/10
Just need to watch mi fallout


Anyone seen Aquaman yet? Any good?