What was the last film you watched?


Love this film.



Fucking incredible film.


Last Flag Flying

Decent film with good performances from Cranston, Carell & Fishburne


Went to the cinema last night to see “King of Thieves”

Enjoyed it. Decent watch


To be fair there probably not many Denzel movies that aren’t enjoyable, I like when he does stuff like fences. Man on fire is one of my favourites. He’s pretty good in flight too.

Got made to watch “gone girl” last night with the missus as she’s read the books or some shit. Actually quite enjoyed it, the ending fucked me right off though.


King of thieves 7/10
Love the use of old film footage for the characters

Extinction (Netflix) 8/10
A pretty good sci-fi flick enjoyed the twist

Spectral (Netflix) 6/10
Wasn’t expecting much but it was really enjoyable