What was the last film you watched?


Love this film.



Fucking incredible film.


Last Flag Flying

Decent film with good performances from Cranston, Carell & Fishburne


Went to the cinema last night to see “King of Thieves”

Enjoyed it. Decent watch


To be fair there probably not many Denzel movies that aren’t enjoyable, I like when he does stuff like fences. Man on fire is one of my favourites. He’s pretty good in flight too.

Got made to watch “gone girl” last night with the missus as she’s read the books or some shit. Actually quite enjoyed it, the ending fucked me right off though.


King of thieves 7/10
Love the use of old film footage for the characters

Extinction (Netflix) 8/10
A pretty good sci-fi flick enjoyed the twist

Spectral (Netflix) 6/10
Wasn’t expecting much but it was really enjoyable


Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot (2018)

A drunk drifter (John) meets a guy at a party one evening who persuades him to follow him to a better party across town. On the way, the drunk driver crashes the car which leaves John paralysed from the waist down and without proper use of his fingers. John goes to AA to change his rapidly declining life.

Cast is really quite decent but the film… I dunno, I just didn’t care about the story or anyone in it. Which is bad because it’s based on a true story.


I recently watched The Final Master… it was just weird. Choppy editing, disjointed story, and very odd pacing. I think a lot of that was down to the translation. However, there is some weird editing that can’t be explained by poor translation. There are much better newer Kung Fu flicks… most notably any of the Ip Man movies.


Der Hauptmann (2017)
(The Captain)

In the closing days of the Second World War a lost German Private assumes the identity of a Captain when he finds the uniform of a superior in an abandoned car.

Really quite good. Shocking too.


The hate u give 6/10
Seen this a secrete screening last night. Was ok abit slow an didn’t feel it brought anything new to the subject of police shooting innocent black people


A Star is Born

Went with the missus. Fucking tearjerker of a film. Top acting by Cooper and Gaga though.



That looks like another badass film that you’ve picked. There’s almost no way I can watch these films that you’ve seen. They’re kinda obscure


10 Rillington Place.

In this day and age, both Richard Attenborough and John Hurt would have received Oscars for their star turns in this film


The sisters brothers : a bit disappointing given the quality of the cast.


I’m glad to see Riz Ahmed still getting roles out in Hollywood, been an admirer of his for a long time now.


Despite not having the main role, I thought he was one of the clear standouts,Now that you’ve mentioned him, I still got to check The Night Of.


Damn, I forgot about that series. Watched a couple episodes and it seemed really promising, but somehow I fell off watching it.

I still don’t think I’ll love any film he’s in as much as Four Lions haha.

He was decent in Nightcrawler alongside Jake Gyllenhaal too, good film that if you haven’t seen it.


Yeah, I saw Nightcrawler and quite enjoyed it, There was a clear chemistry between the two in The sisters brothers too.


First Man

Get to see Gosling land on the moon, was pretty cool.



Decent cast, Dan Stevens has a kanck for playing disturbed characters but this film really lacked structure. It had a story but couldn’t convey it at all.