What was the last film you watched?


I loved Chirrut. Of course I love the “eccentric mentor” type of character like early Yoda or Rafiki from The Lion King.


Dood K2-S0 was awesome. Only issues for me was the character development of the main characters. Jyn was kinda like meh and then all of sudden she gave a shit lol. They could have done better there. Otherwise I loved it. Saw Gererra was dope. The best actor and character for me was Galen Erso though.


Watched Infinity War - thought it was bloody amazing. Was worried after all the hype but 2.5 hrs flew by.

One of the few films that I would go back and watch a second time. Terrific action sequences, humour, emotional moments - had a bit of everything and the pacing was really good.

Really liked how Thanos got a lot of screen time. I guess they wanted viewers to be able to see where he was coming from with his masterplan, and that he isn’t some standard villain after power / supremacy or whatever the fuck.

People might be getting bored of the same old superhero shite, but if anything, this film has renewed my interest in the genre.


The Leisure Seeker…

Two fantastic actors Donald Sutherland, and Helen Mirren play an old married couple who take a last camping trip in there old RV…

Great film, fantastic acting…loved every minute…very sad in parts, very funny in others…top stuff…


It really was his film wasn’t it?

Might as well call it Thanos: Infnity war instead if Avengers Infinity war. And I loved that.


Thor: Ragnarok. Best Thor film, up there as one of the best Marvel films too (I haven’t seen Infinity War yet).

This scene gives me goosebumps. PUMPED.



Yeah I loved Ragnarok!!! Fucking amazing film, that and Infinity war really cemented Thor as the biggest badass in the mcu.

That whole scene and immigrant song is playing, god that’s cool.


I have actually liked all the Thor movies.


I just watched Deadpool 2, what an amazing movie. A must watch.

The best after credits scene ever.


In Search of Fellini (2017)

A young woman in 1993 discovers Fellini after going into town looking for a job in film that turns out to be porno, she ends up attending a Fellini festival and falls in love with the filmmaker. She decides to take a trip to Italy in order to meet her hero.

If a film could be so cheesy that it was made from actual cheese, this would be it.


Here’s a tip. Try Manchester :+1:


Watched 7 Psychopaths last might on the telly.

Great little film.


SOLO surprisingly watchable and a good storyline, as expected even tied in with one specific character :wink:


Most Beautiful Island

Wow. What an ending


A Woman’s Face (1938)
En kvinnas ansikte

A young woman whose face was disfigured in a fire as a kid has a chance meeting with a world renowned plastic surgeon while she is - unbeknownst to him - blackmailing his wife, whose been cheating on her husband, who then decides to give the young criminal girl back her face.

Some time later she is given an assignment by her criminal partners to travel to the country and become a governess to an adolescent boy whom is heir to a fortune, her job is to kill the boy in order to get a cut of his inheritance.

Cool film but not as dark as it sounds unfortunately.

Damn, the make-up department actually managed to make young Ingrid Bergman unattractive.


Just saw Ocean’s 8. I’d give it 6.3

Although I’m aware I was not their target demo I gave it a watch because I like the heist genre.


All Star cast.
Plot was simple, easy to follow
Decent amount of interesting twists
Helena Bonham Carter
References to the other Ocean films
Female dominated crew was better than I expected

Cons :x:

Plot was simplistic
Not very funny from my POV
Many plot holes
Too cliched and not really fresh
Not enough character development
Lazy writing lead to convenient solutions to problems/ Issues not explained
Lacks an element plausibility which I feel is essential to a heist film


Pro: the plot was simple
Con: the plot was simple

Pick one.



I’d rather a plot be too simple than over intricate tbh

On the other hand I don’t like to be spoonfed plot points like a baby


Invincibles 2 - fucking shit.

On the plus side I’ve got tickets to see 2001 at the big screen! Can’t wait.


Almost had a ‘oh fuck sake, not here as well’ moment.