What was the last film you watched?


Incredibles 2 on par with the first 1 7/10

Skyscraper enjoyable popcorn flick 7/10

Tag - true story about a bunch of mates who played a game of tag for 24 years 7/10

The first purge 6/10 still a interesting concept but this films offers nothing new

oceans 8 4/10 never seen any off the other films but has heist films go this is pretty rubbish.


We have an local arty cinema which plays all the old classics. Last month they played most of Kubrick’s work. I have a real issue with the more contemporary cinemas, because they’re always so fucking loud.

Suffice it to say they’ve taken a lot of my money :slight_smile:


Hahahaha! Good one Trion.

The only Danny Dyer I know of spells his name with 2 y’s


Is it the new 4k remastered cope they are showing or the old 70mm cope


Watching Beverley Hills Cop II, lol at Chris Rock - must be all of 16 years old having to park a digger :rofl:


Yeah likewise, I’m expecting this particular cinema to take a lot of my money during the summer holidays. What are some of the films you’ve seen?

@Lister86 - no idea, the website doesn’t say! I’m hoping for the original format.


Based on the drowning of woman in the car of Teddy Kennedy which he was driving into a lake. The cover up that ensues and people involved is really well portrayed.
Jason Clarke plays the roll of Kennedy superbly and shows him to be a shallow and callous individual but who is forever in the shadow of his brothers.
Its a good script and support actors are all strong through out. 9/10


@Persona watching downfall tonight, surely you’ve seen that, is it good?


It is very good.


What are you trying to say? :thinking:


I thought it was really quite good. A brilliant performance by Bruno Ganz (Hitler)


Thanks lads.

I asked because you love foreign films why else?! Haha


Na, yeah I know. I was just taking the piss. I saw an opening for a tongue in cheek question and I took it. :slight_smile:


The latest Jurassic Park. Can somebody just kill that Dr Wu prick already!


So I saw 2001 in the cinema, it’s 75mm original format, and it was simply the best thing I’ve ever seen; absolutely incredible. However, the peak was after the film when my wife confessed that having only ever seen the first ten minutes before, she thought the entire film was going to be about apes. And yet bizarrely she knew it was a sci-fi.

Also just switched off The Killing of a Sacred Deer half-way through. I was really enjoying until about halfway and then my enthusiasm for the film just vanished.

The Prince of Wales cinema in Soho is showing Dog Day Afternoon next week. Should I do a cheeky visit?


Reindeer Games as my misses says it was good…

It was not.


Just seen the trailer for its photochemical recreation after seeing your post. Utterly blown away by the resulting visual print.

I know 2001 already looked exceptionally ahead of its time on every level. But the fact that this movie was being filmed 52 years ago… God damn the end product is astounding.

Initially I thought they were remaking it!


Thanks lads.

Can confirm, was very good.

Never knew Hitler had Parkinson’s only got that through the guy playing him and you’re right it was an amazing performance.

Also, was Eva Braun as flamboyant as she is here?

Anyways, I saw this picture of Jacob Rees moggs family, and it reminded me of the Goebells in the film

@Bl1nk is it better than 5, because 5 is my favourite so far.


Mission Impossible: Fallout

Solid action flick. 8/10. One of my favourite MI films.


Antman & the wasp 7/10
The tech in these marvel films when they de age douglas and Michelle Pfeiffer is amazing it’s like they just been pulled out off the 80s.


Just saw this, was really really good.