What was the last film you watched?




When Harry Met Sally.

Surprisingly really good! I have to say, Billy Crystal put me off watching this (not that I was actively looking for romcoms, my wife loves that stuff) but he’s a really smooth dude. Instantly liked his character and his development with Sally felt like a believable love story.

Some of these romantic films are so far fetched and despite all of that, I get disdainful looks from my wife. What the fuck?


Black Panther was awesome and the historical refrences even better. Was good to see a more intelligent film with a cracking cast.


Hope Infinity Wars tonight can make me forget about the shitshow from last night.


Good Time

Great film, the cinematography and soundtrack were on point.


Let me know what you think about it


Oh my god.




It’s being a bit overrated imo.


I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m glad someone said this. Of course it’s being overhyped, it’s a super hero film with like 60 characters. It’s evidently a mess. Seemingly an enjoyable one, granted, but I can’t see how any film of such a scale can actually be a great film.

Purely top notch fan service. There’s nothing wrong with that I should add, but the hype is clearly silly


I mean it’s the movie version of an event comic. And as with most event comics hype>quality.


It’s a universe based movie.
Standalone it won’t make it to any list but collectively they have played this Infinisty sage very well.

One of these days, someone will edit pieces of relevant bits from each character’s individal movies & piece them together to create one big ass binge infinity movie & that would be class.

I am curious to see how DC are going to create a well stitched saga out of clusterfuck they have created so far.


Honestly, the way they balance that many characters and manage to give them equal amounts of charm and development is fucking impressive.

Yeah it’s getting hyped because of all the records it’s breaking, but it’s also just an excellent movie that doesn’t suffer from over-crowding like people said it would.

The pacing is excellent, tonally it’s extremely consistent depending on who’s on screen, the action is fantastic and it also manages to actually flesh out and develop a villain from scratch which a marvel movie has almost never done. Thanos is a great villain.

Given the premise of this movie and bringing like 20 a-listers on to the cast, it is waaaaaaay better than it has any right to be.

Also you have to remember that this is the culmination of a project that started over 10 years ago with Iron Man and 16 films later they’re now pulling off this “coming together” successfully. Everyone thought it was going to be a shitty clusterfuck. And now that it isn’t, people are amazed at how good it is because it really shouldn’t be this good.


I dunno man, it’s almost 3 hours long so I would disagree with the pacing thing. Imo it dragged on quite a bit. It’s a lot of story to get out in one movie.

Problem is it’s not really a movie, it would hardly makes sense on it’s own without all the other movies to lend it context. Plus the inevitability kills a lot of the suspense. All those heroes died, but it’s far too obvious that there aren’t really any consequences of Thanos’ actions because they’ll all be back, TIME STONE.


Something has to give in second movie.
If they end the saga without a single sacrifice, well then that’s gonna feel very gimmicky.


New Avengers. I definitely don’t give a shit about these films anymore. Should have just chopped the cunts arm off. Would have been sorted.


New Avengers like Shammy said.

Probably BP, Spidey, Ant-Man, Stranger and Captain Marvel.


but Spiderman and Dr Syrange died?

Also Adam Warlock is gonna be introduced soon.


And yet they all have sequels announced and planned lol


Finally got round to watching Rouge One, I’d give it 7.5. Felt like it was more a Star Wars film than the current sequels.

Visually stunning
Interesting environments
Entire final battle sequence
Character design for the extras, Rebel and Empire foot soldiers, pilots etc
Death Star usage
Little more insight into the Empire and Alliance

Generally weak and uninteresting plot
Unmemorable Characters
Needless nostalgia references
K-2SO, Saw Gerrera and Chirrut Imwe