What was the last film you watched?


It’s at moments like this that I wish there was a dislike button :slight_smile:


Maybe it’s the only Batman he has seen or the second after Batman & Robin.


Batman Returns best one ever imo. Danny Devito as the penguin is dank.


I seen the one out in 2007 or 2008 and the Batman vs Superman one from 2016. For me it’s better than both of them haha


If Lego Batman is better than Batman Begins then I have to watch it sharpish lol

EDIT: Wait, Lego Batman is better than the Dark Knight?! :cech: surely not?

Whats so good about it haha?


I’m not a superhero movie kind of guy. I watched the Lego one for the sole reason that it looked quite funny and not super serous like the other superhero movies :joy:

Kinda the same reason why I watched Deadpool and loved it hah


Visual tour de force. Thought provoking. Excellent.

Stars Wars Episode VIII. Perhaps, only surpassed by Empire Strikes Back and Rogue One in the series.


deadpool was great tbf


Greatest showman 9/10
Enjoyable from start to end. Just needed abit more humour in it


The Mountain Between Us.

Enjoyable if a bit predictable. Idris Elba and Kate Winslett were at their usual high standards.


Yeah I saw that at the cinemas a couple of months ago with the Girlfriend, was predictable but I enjoyed it.


The Film Critic (2013)

An Argentinian film critic (:neutral_face:) who despises the cliched romantic comedy genre meets a girl and his life then proceeds to play out every single one of his most hated romcom cliches.


Jumanji. Funny, exciting and they strayed away from the corny scenes which is a plus. My missus has now developed a crush for Dwayne Johnson though :no_mouth:



Laughed my ass off haha, was hilarious. God that red haired chick is HOT.



Now there’s a freaky film.


Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017)

A woman who is fed up of waiting to hear some progress about the police investigation into her daughter’s horrific rape and murder decides to rent advertising space on some billboards in order to shame the police department into action.

Brilliant. Found it to be hilarious and quite touching in places. Frances McDormand is always superb.


Den of Thieves

Good bank robbery heist movie. I liked how gritty it was, some excellent cinematography. Story-wise it wasn’t much but the visual and audio experience was great. The gunshots sequences were very loud and realistic and for the most part I felt sucked into the movie and able to empathize with both the good and the bad.


Downsizing 5/10
The darkest hour 8/10
The post 6/10
Shape of the water 8/10
The commuter 6/10
Coco 7/10


I actually really enjoyed it, I just don’t know what the point of it was. It was one of those films where a bunch of stuff just sort of happens and there isn’t really any meaning behind it.


I enjoyed some off it but was expecting a more comedy film. Tho Christoper waltz’s and Hong Chau were brilliant to watch