What was the last film you watched?


People talking about best Christmas film, ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ not mentioned.



I’m going to watch this today.


Love this film!

Finally got round to watching Kingsman this week and thought it was great


It is the most cringeworthy film I have seen.
The worst acting and the worst story line wrapped up in tinsel and over sentimental schmaltz.
It’s up there with Dirty Dancing, Ghost, Bridget Jones Diary, About A Boy, Titanic, The Bodyguard and anything with Jennifer Aniston, Hugh Grant or Emma Thompson as the worst films any man has to endure.

It must be a woman thing but don’t know that many women who like it either.

If you’re looking for great Christmas films, I think it’s well documented that the best Christmas films are, The Great Escape, A Wonderful Life and A Christmas Carol.


I actually love Love Actually. I watch it like twice a year.



To be fair, when I say i can’t stand it, I haven’t managed to keep awake the three times it has been on.
But the end of the film is just dripping with over sentimentality and cliches, so I assume the rest of the film is the same.


I thought Die Hard was the best Christmas film…


You’re not wrong! It’s soppy, cheesy, ridiculous to the extreme…:joy: But I still like it. :thinking:


Nope it’s got to be lethal weapon


The White Ribbon (2009)

The story of a small village in Germany in the years immediately preceding WWI where a series of strange attacks cause havoc among the villagers.

Bloody Nora, I loved this.


Re-watched City Lights… took a break from Chaplin until I watched Verdoux again a few weeks back. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a more perfect ending to a film than that, warms the cockles of my cold, dead heart every single time. :stuck_out_tongue:


Lego Batman: The Movie (2017)

Brilliant. Best Batman movie ever and the best one I’ve watched :joy::joy:


How can you watch that, @Calum ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Man Hunt (1941)

An Englishman in Nazi Germany is found by an SS patrolman with a rifle and is suspected of attempting to murder the Fuehrer. Eventually he escapes aboard a Danish ship to London where he is hunted by a Nazi spy ring who are hell bent on liquidating him. With the help of a Cockney lass he attempts to avaid them.


How can you watch that, @Persona ? :stuck_out_tongue:



I’ve just seen the new Star Wars! I like Star Wars so I’m not capable of saying if it is a good or bad movie. Spaceships, planets, cool weapons, the force, that’s all I need.




You have some really strange tastes at times I have to say Calum :arteta:


What the fuck is wrong with watching it?! :joy:

I seen the trailers when it was out earlier this year and it looked a laugh so I gave it a watch when it was on Sky Cinema yesterday lol


Nothing wrong with watching it mate haha. I actually bothered going to the cinema to see it on my own surrounded by kids on half term lol, it was really rather good. But best Batman film ever… come on!


John Wick 2

Loads of fighting and shooting and Keanu Reeves staring at shit. I liked.