What was the last film you watched?


Probably the most delightful actor in the whole of Hollywood right now. :slight_smile:


Unless it’s Tarzan he was awful in that :joy:


I just pretend some things don’t exist. :slight_smile:


Only 7/10 for coco?? Wuutttt!!??


A Good film and a interesting story but I found myself bored by the end off it and it’s not as good as Disney last film Monoa


It’s one of the best rated movies on rotten tomatoes.


So is Paddington 2 but I wouldn’t rate that any higher then a 7 either l. Tho looking at RT charts I surprised to see Star Wars TLJ still their


Saw the phantom thread tonight. Enjoyed it. Daniel Day Lewis’ character had me cracking up in moments I perhaps shouldn’t have been laughing. @A.F tbh I struggle to understand your affirmation that Paul Thomas Anderson isn’t what’s he used to be, I only saw The Master once but it was probably one of the films that most has impacted me in recent years.


Oceans 11, the Clooney version. It more or less held up!


Maze Runner: The Death Cure. Was alright, loads of plot holes and the ending of the trilogy wasn’t brilliant imo. Preferred the first one of the three.


Watched Coming to America (for the 100th time) - still hilarious.

“Fuck you, fuck you and fuck you. Whose next?”

“Hey Stu, your rents due motherfucker. Don’t be pulling that falling down the stairs shit! Hey! You conscious!”

Also, saw Book of Mormon (not a film I know) the other weekend which was outstanding. Absolutely loved the humour. Guy who played Elder Cunningham was superb. Neutrogena! Necrophilia!


Mission Impossible Rogue Nation.

Just a great action flick. Looking forward to MI Falllout.

I also watched Three billboards outside ebbing Missouri which was fantastic but a bit of a blue balls ending tbh.


The Darkest Hour, a fantastic film, and Gary Oldman is feckin awesome…as usual…


He used to be better, but I don’t remember ever saying that he was once great.

I like (liked?) Boogie Nights very much and then there are some moments that I remember from some of his other films, but that’s about it.


The Master is incredible


There will be blood? It’s fantastic.


I just seen this last night. Truly superb. The ugandans retelling of the story of Joseph Smith :joy::joy::joy:


**15:17 to Paris ** 6/10
Interesting that the 3 main lads played them selfs in this film with stone coming across as a more natural actor while the others seem abit more wooden



simple premise film, a wwII spy thriller where Brad Pitt tries to discover whether undercover wife Marion Cotillard is an agent playing the Germans or a double agent playing him. Two leads are both good, enjoyed it. 7/10


Tried to watch a few masterpieces recently with mixed results:

The Conformist, beautifully shot but slipped into a coma, didn’t make it beyond thirty minutes before I had to give up; one of those films you need to pretend to like to be proper intellectual.

Salo, One of the most controversial films ever made, but pretty bland by today’s standards. I rate Pasolini, but it’s so obvious what’s going to happen next that I eventually grew bored and turned it off.

The Master, beautifully acted pointlessness. Utterly overrated.

Irreversible, the most controversial and detested part, i.e. the rape scene I thought was brilliant, but honestly I couldn’t stand the massively French pseudo intellectual dialogue about sex, way worse than the violence, and impossible to get beyond, had to turn it off. Seriously, who has a conversation about orgasms on a packed metro at the top of their voices for about 15 minutes next to children? I guess the French. Decent film apart from that.

Swimming Pool, loved most of it, found it complex and engrossing until the last third when it decided to stop being a character study and something totally different. Rubbish ending.

The Devils, thank fuck for Oliver Reed. This film is brilliant.