What was the last film you watched?

Nice one, I was gonna go directly to Prey but maybe Ill get 2 in first. Heard nothing bad bad things about AVP so I’ll definitely be skipping that stuff

Top Gun: Maverick was a 10/10

Enjoyable in every facet.


Agreed was a step back in time to the original and was a good film on its own merit.

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Do you need to watch the original to watch this?

Nah bud

Will watch then as never heard anyone say a bad word about this :joy:

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Hang on, have you not seen Top Gun before?

I’ve not seen it no


It’s worth giving it watch just for the banging soundtrack and great 80s vibes


Top Gun was the best homo-erotic film ever :slight_smile:


Margin Call. Pretty good!

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The first Minions film

Cant believe ive never seen it, thoroughly enjoyable!

Do Revenge.

Mean Girls meets Cruel Intentions.

A masterpiece. 10/10.

I can remember this not being a bad film at all.

It’s a great film.

“I hate it when things don’t go my way. It makes me so horny.”

Sarah Michelle Gellar’s best role. She basically plays a grown up version of that character in Do Revenge.

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Almost time to watch mean girls

Watched Bromley boys on the plane going away

Thought it was an excellent, typical English film
Story about supporting non league football and it was brilliant.

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Such a ridiculously fun watch, it’s what movies are all about. The GOAT.

Me and @DavidHillier use any excuse to reference / mention this.

Imagine going through life without having seen Predator, wouldn’t wish that on a broke dick dog


That’s a real nasty habit you got there.