What was the last film you watched?

Hustle 7/10
No idea who any of the basketball stars where but the films well worth a watch

Interceptor 7/10
Basical just a modern day under siege well worth a watch if u just want to switch off and watch people get shot.


Jurassic World: Dominion.

Possibly the worst one of the entire “franchise” (hate using that word) boring and predictable story line. Nice to see the original cast in it with some little nods to the first movie but for me, aside from that, crap. Very disappointed.

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I was very surprised when you said you loved this trilogy lol

My standard for films is pretty low, but the last two JPs have been absolutely horrific.

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Think mine is probably one more out of nostalgia and an intense love for all things dinosaurs as a kid which never really went away :sweat_smile: Also, the original was the first film I remember seeing in the cinema so it’s one of those thing where you want to love the whole set.

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I was just scrolling back a bit and just spotted this. Fucking lol :joy:


Dude, you need to relax. You don’t know me or anything about me. Calling me a commie and socialist is just asinine.


How I picture @Iceman going to work each day



Man says he doesn’t care and wants to talk about football, then proceeds to say he’s never coming back to said football forum. Fucking hell :rofl:


Just back from watching Top Gun. Loved it, they got the cheese, machismo and heart exactly right.


Predator (1987)

On a cinematic re-release due to the imminent movie ‘Prey’, part of the Predator series, that is about to come out.

This is masterful in the cinema. The music, the sights, the sounds.

Thoroughly enjoyable experience. Great film.



One of my all time faves.

Never bores, and many classic quotes.



The opening music sets the scene for the whole film. Zero filler in the 100+ minutes.

So many films fail to recreate the elite squad vibe that Predator has where all the characters do their part. But here you’ve got a team who you very quickly associate and root for - Blaine, Mac, Billy, Poncho etc.

A stone cold classic. I’ll still be watching this in 30 years I’m sure.


Felt like a goddamn sexual Tyrannosaurus Rex watching this in a cinema.


Saw Lightyear at the cinema at the weekend, thought it was absolutely superb, really enjoyed it.

Watched Many Saints of Newark last night, the Sopranos prequel and again thought it was superb.
Really enjoyed it, but I was an avid fan of the series which helped with the film!!

Judas and the Black Messiah. True life story on a black informant who goes undercover in the Black Panther movement in Chicago in the late 60s.
Leads to big repercussions for all involved and the bio stuff at the end rounds off a very good film.
Good acting throughout. Very strong. 9/10

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Don’t look up.

Says it all about our stupid society. lovely metaphor. 8/10.


The Man from Toronto


“The Rescue” - it’s about the 13 Thai boys trapped in the cave back in 2018.

Arguably the best documentary I’ve seen in some time. I literally couldn’t believe what I was watching - the mission was just so outrageous and unbelievable, I can’t believe they actually managed to pull it off.

The only way to describe it is like Armageddon but in a cave in Thailand - a civilian is asked to “put together a team of the best in the world” and they’re literally a bunch of plumbers, vets and IT guys who happen to do cave diving as a hobby on the weekend.

The Rescue - it is a must see.


Where can I watch this?

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