What was the last film you watched?

That is the one where he gets decapitated lmao.

Went to see The Many Saints of Newark tonight

Really enjoyed it. Thought it was a great prequel

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Was at the cinema myself today, first time since I think the last Rambo film.

Went to see Deadly Cuts which is a very Irish, very Dublin film that I really enjoyed.

Watched Free Guy the other night. Definitely one of the best films I’ve enjoyed for quite some time. Probably quite niche but if you like Ryan Reynolds it’s a must watch.


I was reading back some old posts in her and spottes this. I am going to assume anyone who gives a shit has seen endgame now. I basically gave up on that film when they did exactly this about 3 minutes in :rage:

LOVED Free Guy.

It was so much better than I expected it to be, I actually thought the trailer really let the film down.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and was really surprised by how much I ended up enjoying it. Way more engaging than I thought it would be.


Rented the first venom tonight as the trailer for the second one caught my interest when I went to see No Time To Die.

Really enjoyed it. :grin:

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Watched The Boy in Stripper Pajamas last night. Still an incredibly hard watch at the end.


Yeah I bet


Went on a date to see The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, I didn’t quite realise what the film was about when I let her pick.

I felt so guilty about getting off with her during the film that I wasn’t able to let the hand job reach its natural conclusion.


One of the rare times, I actually think the film is better than the book. Gives a better connection to and understanding of the characters IMO.

Now you’ve got me thinking as to what is a better film than its written predecessor…

From what I’ve read, maybe Live and Let Die?

Not a film, but I thought the TV series Normal People was better than the book.

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That series was incredible, so much better than a teen drama has any right to be haha

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Fucks sake :ozil: :arteta: :partey:

Cannot agree with this mate,
The Bond books are excellent, whereas the films, although normally they are very good, they do not even come close to the written word…

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True that, on reflection.

Live and let Die, the book, had someone breaking Bond’s finger by twisting it right the way back. Made me wince while reading it.

Double Venom!

Seen the second one tonight in a packed to the rafters cinema. Enjoyed it. I’m not one for marvel or dc films but I really like this series.

The end credits scene was :eyes: aswell

Has anyone seen The Last Duel? It looks really interesting but not sure if it’s worth a cinema visit.

Got good ratings on IMDB, that (higher than James Bond)