What was the last film you watched?

Man, it sounds like you didn’t watch a really good film because people on Reddit are annoying haha.

You should watch it, sounds like you’d obviously like it :+1:


That’s exactly why I didn’t watch it lol, I loathe Reddit but I literally spend about 80 percent of my day on it. It’s a shitty paradox but when it comes to entertainment the mainstream crowds really ruin things for me.

Like they just suck the fun out of everything, take Resident Evil 8 the Village, their whole fascination with Lady D s actually done my head in and I had to play that entire game opening weekend before Reddits horrible obsession ruined it for me.

It’s so just disingenuous and I hate modern internet culture, they’re like a dog with a bone whether it’s the right or left I just hate both equally.

I remember back in the day when I finished a film I liked I would go visit the IMDb forums to see what other people thought and it was a much more enjoyable experience. Though they shut down and now I’m stuck with Reddit.

Also have you watched Invincible on Amazon prime?


The use of White room by Cream in Joker as the city burns was pure art.

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Glory days haha.

Diverse set of opinions on that rather than 12 year old sheep

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I was fucking gutted when they shut down the imdb forums, as far as I’m aware there’s nothing comparable out there.

What was the reason they closed? I remember it being really good as well.

My memory might fail me, but I think its because it was so large that it was impossible to moderate (without spending a ton), and I think they got to a point where they maybe felt the Wild West vibe in the forum section detracted from the respectable kind of site they wanted to be.

Saw Snake Eyes on its first day of release last night. Was really looking forward to it but the movie was disappointingly put together despite the G.I. Joe Origins storyline. Cold wooden characters, no proper character development, and even the action and effects were average at best.

The forever purge

Escape room 2

Space jam new legacy

All crap and avoidable

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25th Hour

Fancied a rewatch of this. The monologue by Brian Cox at the end always stands out. Sweeps you away into the fantasy of getting out of an impossible situation. Superb.

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Wow what a cast. Just looked it up on IMDB as I’ve never heard about it.

Looks like a good watch.

  • [Edward Norton]
  • [Philip Seymour Hoffman]
  • [Barry Pepper]
  • [Rosario Dawson]
  • [Anna Paquin]
  • [Brian Cox]

Didn’t realise David Benioff wrote it either and didn’t realise that he also wrote Troy and X-Men Wolverine Origins. Then went on to do Game of Thrones and fucked it up so royally that he completely pissed away an otherwise impressive career that was on an upwards trajectory for like 20 years lol

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Old 7/10

Weird film but interesting subject and great cast.
Definitely worth a watch.

It’s out already?!

Yeah came out last Friday

Oh wow had no idea, thought the trailer looked really good

The trailer had me interested as didn’t know what to expect plus with shamalayn (spelling won’t be correct) directing I wasn’t expecting much but I really enjoyed and was a nice fresh idea on horror because we all scared of growing old and what it going to do to us. My only gripe is it’s abit to long.

Also it’s based on a graphic novel called sandcastle which as different ending which might be worth a read once u finish the film.

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I didn’t like Edward Norton’s racist monologue in it.

Which streaming service?

None at the minute mate cinema only