What was the last film you watched?


The Mummy

Oh so, so, so bad.



Don’t disrespect Brandon Fraser’s best role


He’s talking about the new Mummy, with Tom Cruise. Which indeed, was pretty terrible.


Yes the new one.

The Brendan Fraser ones I really like! Had an Indy vibe about him.


Piretes of the Caribbean 5 - much better then 3 and 4. 7/10

The mummy - good fun action film. Wanted to see more off Russel crow character tho 6/10

Baywatch 5/10 story’s crap but had funny moments


Just saw Cars 3, I’m not a fan of the series but it was the world premier at Disneyland. Free drinks, and food and the park was closed to the public so no complaints here. The movie was actually really good 8/10 and I got to meet Owen Wilson which was cool, really nice guy. Randomly Johnny Knocksville was there too among a bunch of other celebs :grin:


Get Out

Loved it. Great acting and an interesting story.



Baby driver 7/10


Summer With Monika (1953)

A young teenage boy - Harry - who lives in Stockholm falls for a young girl named Monika. They have both had enough of their jobs and their new tiresome adult responsibilities when they decide to take off on the young man’s father’s boat in search of an adventurous, carefree life. They adventure for a while when Monika announces he believes herself to be pregnant. It’s not long before they realise they must return home when they run out of food and have to steal some from a rich person’s house, almost getting arrested in the process.

I like the way this film ended…It’s Bergman so it probably wasn’t ever going to be a happy one. :smiley: Also liked the scene in the cafe when Monika breaks the fourth wall. Quite a cool scene.

Got the feeling the whole way through this film that Monika was playing him and didn’t really have any feelings for him at all. She seemed distant and then overly affectionate toward Harry when the moment called for it.

P.S. It’s official, all Andersson’s are hotness. :wink:

The Iron Lady - Utter shite.
Pleasantville - Actually found this to be quite enjoyable.

Their Finest (2016)

A young woman in 1940 is hired as one of the scriptwriters on a film about the recent evacuation at Dunkirk.

Not that good but it’s England and WW2 so I enjoyed it. :neutral_face:


You watch as many films as Luca watches football matches


Transformers 5 6/10
Robots beating robots and earth is the battleground again.

Hampsted 6/10


Personal Shopper (2016)

Kristen Stewart plays Maureen, a twenty something living in Paris. She works as a personal shopper for a famous model while she investigates her brother’s old house. She and her brother are/were spiritualists and she made a promise to her brother she would visit the place he died and wait for a sign from him.

Also part of the plot is someone she’s having a text message conversation with whose identity is secret.

Didn’t really like this one at all, even though I enjoyed it’s sort of companion piece Clouds of Sils Maria. Tries to build a mystery that’s all resolved in a 15 second or so scene. Don’t really think this film knows what it wants to be, a mystery thriller or a spiritual horror sci-fi mash.

Apparently I like Kristen Stewart now though. :neutral_face:


Berlin Syndrome (2017)

Hot Aussie tourist in Berlin meets a creepy German guy whom she has relations with who then ends up keeping her hostage in his inescapable flat in a derelict building.

Not worth the time I spent watching it. :expressionless:


The Fate of the Furious (Fast and Furious 8)

:joy: out of 10


That fast and furious thing has gone stupid now. I thought after the death of that actor they would stop but they are still making them. After the 1st one i couldnt be bothered anymore i dunno how people can watch the ‘same shit different package’ 8 fucking times over i just find them annoying and boring wish they would fuck off with them now.


8 was the first one I watched. It’s beyond ridiculous but fucking amazing. I’m gonna watch them in reverse now :joy:


The Fast series is among my guiltiest of pleasures. It’s 2hrs (per) of such complete and utter bollocks that somehow is still enjoyable… But then I like Iron Sky, so…

The runway will always be my fave piece of FF rubbish. How did that make it passed any type of script check? :joy:


The house 8/10
One off the best comedy I have seen this year. Would highly recommend this film


Wonder Woman

Liked it!


No…just NO…stop it!!! :bellerin: