What was the last film you watched?


Saw Guy Rictchie’s King Arthur.

As always, his directorial approach is enjoyable while the movie is overall average. David Beckham has a cameo appearance which I didn’t know about beforehand.

Wonder Woman - not bad but the 8.0 imdb rating seems a bit high. Gal Gadot is a beautiful woman but not the most convincing actress, it’s good she doesn’t have to talk too much.

Miss Sloane - starring Jessika Chastain as a DC lobbyist, it’s a political drama so if you are into the genre, you won’t be disappointed. And Chastain is a bliss to the eye, absolutely fantastic actress.


SpiderMan Homecoming. Really enjoyed it. Marvel are having a good year in terms of what they’ve released to cinema so far.


Anthropoid (2016)

The story of the somewhat botched but ultimately successful Operation Anthropoid in which a few Czech parachutists trained in London under the Czech government-in-exile attempt to assassinate of one of the Nazi’s highest ranked men within the SS, Reinhard Heydrich, whose terrible reign in charge of occupied Czechoslovakia earned him the nickname ‘The Butcher of Prague’.

Really quite enjoyed this but unfortunately the language is English with some dodgy accents.

Another one coming out this year on the same story, seems a bit pointless and by the looks of the trailer, quite poor.


Spider-Man homecoming 7/10

War for planet of the apes 10/10
Great film from start to finish and one off the best trilogy’s in a long time.


Trainspotting 2. Massive pile of self indulgent shite.


Forrest Gump 10/10

I know everything there is to know about shrimp


War for the planet of the apes. Outstanding.


Spiderman Homecoming might be the best portrayal of both Spiderman AND Peter Parker we’ve had. They totally nailed the high school vibe for me.


Spiderman 2 will forever remain not only the best Spiderman film ever made but perhaps the greatest superhero film of all time.


GTFO there are at least three Batman films that are better


Agreed. Really enjoyed it. Perhaps a little bit too much Tony Stark for my liking though…


Spider-Man 2 is a good film and one of my favourites superhero films but it isn’t eithen close to being the greatest superhero film their are far better films in that genre that have aged better and stood the rest off time.


The Dark Knight trilogy is untouchable


The first 2 are good films but TDKR is aweful and really lets down what could have been a good trilogy. Tho I dnt find these films good batman films.


Is this the first time you’d seen it? My wife hadn’t seen it either so we sat down to watch it and I had forgotten how great that movie was. And Tom Hanks is probably the best actor out there.


People love to hate on Forrest Gump. I love it too.

It’s quite strange how different you view it as you grow up. When I was kid, I felt sorry for Jenny. Then I got a bit older, I felt for Forrest. Now, when I watch it I feel for both.


Bicycle Thieves (1948)

In post-war Rome, a working class man named Antonio is struggling to find work when he is offered a decent enough job putting up posters around the city. The job however is dependent on his having a bicycle. Out of work and in poverty, Antonio’s wife decides to pawn their only possession worth money… Their bed sheets. He gets his bicycle back in return.

On the first day of his new job, Antonio’s bicycle is stolen. He sets out with his friends and his very young son Bruno to see if they can get it back.

Lovely film, with an interesting ending.


I think you’ve watched it before? Cos I remember reading about this somewhere and thinking I must watch it and then completely forgetting about it until now :smile:

Also my two bikes cost the guts of a grand each. Either those are some fancy ass bedsheets or that’s a piece of shit bike :joy:


Na, I’d never seen it before. Though, might you possibly be getting it confused with this? That’s the only other Italian film I’ve seen. Also has a man and his son as the main protagonists.

Haha. Apparently they were very nice bedsheets. Worth 7,500 Lira. (whatever that means in modern GBP/Euro. :stuck_out_tongue: )


Nah wasn’t some other film. I only remember this because it was about bikes. :slight_smile:

Pretty sure it was on oa though but obviously not yourself. :slight_smile:

@pastafromitaly how much would 7500 lira be worth in the late 40s compared to today?