What was the last film you watched?


Grave of the Fireflies (1988)

Jesus Christ, unbelievably brutal. 10/10, best war movie I’ve ever seen. Don’t think I’ll ever be cheerful again.


Crazy, Stupid, Love

So much better than I thought it was gonna be, Ryan Gosling cracks me up.


Alien covenant- 6/10- I didn’t hate it but I don’t love it either. I just feel like the xenomorpth been thrown in this film by fox to please fans off the alien franchise. But what you ended up with is a mix of promethuses and alien and the two just don’t seem to click togerther and this film destroyed the alien creature by giving it a backstory and took away the mystery off the creature. Still this film leaves it open for another sequel and still feel like we’re no we’re near to seeing why a engineer had a ship full off eggs and his chest blown open.


Didn’t Prometheus already give it a back story?


Nope the whole point off Ridley Scott doing Prometheus was to give a backstory to the engineers race and the only hint it gave to the xenomorpth was the mural on the wall and a hologram off the engineers running away from something.


Jason Bourne (2016)

This was bloody awful. Where was Joan Allen? Also Alicia Vikander with her Britishy-Irishy-Americany accent was a really bad choice. She’s playing the 2nd in command of the CIA and looks like a teenager.

The plot was also just dull. Rather watch Quantum of Solace over and over than sit through that crap again. Felt like they all just phoned it in on this one.

The ending I liked though. “I’ll bring him in or take him down” < Yeah, good luck with that. :wink:



Alien: Covenant

Well, that was a pile of garbage. It built up well, but then turned into an ordinary gore horror/sci-fi flick with humans trying to survive against the beasts. It felt cheap, rushed and overall big dissapointment for the Alien franchise.

The crew is ridiculously stupid. Going to an unknown planet without helmets/masks, not being fit for combat and a ton of other things to get annoyed about.

The only part I liked was David’s story.


Oh maybe i just assumed that the engineers bred the Aliens as like a biological weapon and the aliens had turned on them and killed everyone. At least that’s what I though of prometheus, guess I was off?


Still nothing in Prometheus to say the engineers bred the alien. For all we know a form off the xenomorpth all ready existies and that is we’re they get the black goo (kind off the xenomorpth royal jelly) from.which is what they have been experimenting with which is how we we’re created and another experiment went wrong and a engineer got infected by the black goo simerliy to how Fairfield(might not be his name) got infected and ended up turning into something else.


I would give Alien: Covenant a 7/10, possibly down from an 8/10 only because of a few plot holes that annoyed me that I won’t go into here due to spoilers.

Overall it was a smart follow up to Prometheus, answered a lot of questions and raised a fair few more, which is just what you want from an ‘interquel’ surely? In parts it was a bit of an Alien tribute movie but the whole tie in with David + the Engineers was great I thought. Well done Ridley, bring on #3 :sunglasses:

The whole film was about the evolution of a creature in various forms and now we know a lot more about the how/why/who etc


What the Engineers started, David advanced…


The great wall… No sooner had it started it was finished… Didnt even have time to finish me drink… Anyway seemed like it was rushed…Helms Deep it isnt. Pony!


I can’t bring myself to watch The Great Wall as I know it will be awful and I associate Damon with so many really good films :laughing:


It was awful… Decent effects but thats about it… A few good actors wasted.


King Arthur 7/10

Good but not great. Do enjoy Guy Ritchies directing style. Jude Law was good in it, Charlie Hunnam not so much.


The Intern (2015)

What a nice film. Enjoyed watching it. Staring Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway.


War Machine (2017)

Satirical look at the War on Terror in Afghanistan with Brad Pitt playing a General tasked with changing the fortunes of the ISAF against the insurgents.

Didn’t really think it was all that. The funniest parts were in the trailer. The story was also quite poor.


John Wick 2… Mindless violence which i love no thought process needed… Looks like a 3rd one is on the cards… All because they killed his dog and stole his car.


The Damned United (2009)

Charts the rise of Brian Clough to his infamous failed 44 day stint at Leeds United, the best team in English football at that time.

Seen it before and only watched it this time because it was on the iPlayer. Brilliant film IMO one of the best football ones there is, if not THE best.

Just wish they’d do a sequel with his great successes at Nottingham Forest. But seeing as it was based on a book, I doubt it’ll happen.


Ivan’s Childhood (1962)

Ivan is a young orphan during WWII being taken care of by Soviet Russian troops alomg the Volga River. While there, he crosses the River and scouts the German position and reports back on any information he can find to his Russian handlers. His motivation for risking his life is that his family were killed during the invasion and he wants revenge.

Brilliant film, if a little slow at times. But, I really enjoyed it. First Tarkovsky I’ve watched all the way to the end. I tried The Sacrifice (Offret) before but that was way too slow to keep my interest and I just gave up on it. This is though, my 3rd Soviet-Era film I’ve seen after Ballad of a Soldier and The Cranes Are Flying.

The camera work in this film is some of the best I’ve ever seen. This scene… In the running for best kiss ever filmed? :slight_smile: