What was the last film you watched?

Found myself rewatching ‘The Other guys’ too, absolute quality !


Justice League (Snyder Cut)

I didn’t actually mind the first movie. This is better. It gives a bit of character development to Cyborg. It also takes out cheesy scenes (e.g. AquaMan slagging off the rest of the Justice League while sitting on that rope thing that belongs to wonder woman)

It’s a shame that Ben Affleck has pulled out of making any more Batman movies (or Justice League, or whatever guise it may be). I felt the final cliffhanger (the same as in the original movie, I might add) was inviting at least one more film in this universe.

The Injustice League teaser scene was great, too.


Almost 4 years on and I watched it again. Just simply a beautiful film - a snapshot of the desperation and poverty of post-war Italy and the fight to keep ones dignity and morality.

I think the peformance of the little boy who played Bruno has to be one of the best by a child ever. Even more impressive when I read this:

Vittorio De Sica still hadn’t found the ideal actor to play Bruno when filming began. It was while he was shooting the scene in which Antonio searches for his friend who can help him locate the bike that fate intervened. “I was telling Maggiorani something,” he recalled, “when I turned around in annoyance at the onlookers who were crowding around me, and saw an odd-looking child with a round face, a big funny nose and wonderful lively eyes. Saint Gennaro has sent him to me, I thought. It was proof of the fact that everything was turning out right.” And so little Enzo Staiola was hired on the spot to play Bruno.

Remember when Arnie said that in Terminator 3.

If there was ever a moment to encapsulate the death of a franchise…


They ruined the franchise, there was NO need what so ever to make anything after the 2nd one.

They tried to hard to get those classic one liners in but ended up with those cheesy ones :joy:


I thought Salvation was okay (not good, just okay).

Less said about Genisys/Dark Fate the better.


Even in T2, the moments of levity didn’t suit it (Arnie trying to smile).

In the old, premiered BBC version on a Saturday night in 1995, that scene was edited out. Gave it a much more sinister feel, the edited cut. I liked it.

Anyway, T2 is a masterpiece. It’s only a slight flaw that I’m nitpicking :grin:


That’s a fair assessment. Anything Bale touched in those days became infinitely better.


I just liked there was a story about the actual future war post-judgement day. Too many movies based on what happens beforehand. Something Terminator 2 has perfected.


Off on a tangent here (in the Arsenal kits thread, no less) but I hope Better Call Saul does the same.

I want the series to show us more post-Walter White. We kinda know the winners and losers already if it’s going to continue being a prequel to Breaking Bad.



So good, forgot how religious it is though

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Rambo: First Blood

Never seen it, popped up on my Netflix feed so gave it a go.

Liked it! 8/10.



great film. In my top 10 of all time.

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Is the sequel any good?

Surely watched the film at least 20 times as a kid


A re-watch…

Good Bye Lenin! (2003)

A teenager in 1989/90 living in Berlin decides to re-create the GDR as a way to protect his mother after her beloved Socialist regime falls while she was in a coma following a heart attack.


I mean, First Blood was a masterpiece. Action combined with drama (insight into post Vietnam PTSD at the end). It was also taken from a novel so there was a ready made storyline that made it so good.

After that they were good fun, but not as good as the first. Some scenes stand out (the stick fight in Rambo 3, the mini gun in Rambo 4). Rambo: Last Blood- forget it.


Whoa!! I had no idea Daniel Brühl was in this!! This must clearly have been the film that made him.

Living in Switzerland in 2003 I remember the marketing and advertising for this film was everywhere and it was extremely highly rated by the critics as well so it was basically a perfect storm for it.

However I never watched it as I hated living in Switzerland and refused to watch any German language media in protest :joy: so I’ve missed out on in this film for so long.

Will definitely watch it ASAP!


I love this film. Gotta rewatch it as well. Thanks.

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