What was the last film you watched?

I’m looking forward to that lesbian Christmas film with Kristen Stewart, looks like a proper cheesy Xmas flick, just like it’s supposed to be

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Which is what makes them so great.

I’m one of the few losers that watched all 3 films in Netflix’s The Christmas Prince trilogy. They were so bad, yet so good :laughing:

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I 100% agree…There is something about Christmas films that just makes them watchable.
Many many times I have said at the end of a film, “well, that was dreadful”, but I still sat through 2 hours of it, and will watch another similar one straight away…Love 'em…

Watched Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey last night. Love musicals. Love Christmas films. So what’s not too like.

@Phoebica I’m eagerly waiting Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square too. Loved the other show of hers they have on Netflix.

Heartstrings? I loved that show. There is Dumplin’ too, the one with Jennifer Anniston, about the girl who is obsessed with Dolly!

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Muppets Christmas Carole 9/10
Best Christmas film ever. Tho Disney needs to put the love is gone scene back in tho.

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No. As the official Christmas film spokeswoman of OA, I can confirm that Love Actually is the best Christmas film ever.

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:joy:far to chick flick to be the best Xmas film

Almost that time of year Phoebs… I’ll wait for greater provocation before digging out that post.

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Definitely in agreement there!

Love Actually is a wonderful film and I can’t believe Keira Knightly was only 18 in it lol Getting married and then falling in love with her husbands best friend who’s like well into his 30s :joy:

I like The Holiday as well, and Bridget Jones all have Christmas settings in them as well so they tend to get a watch too.

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Yeah, there is that weird stat that gets told a lot, she was (and obviously still is) only 5 years older than the guy who played the little boy Sam.

He is 30 now. It’s weird watching him in The Queen’s Gambit as an actual adult :laughing:


That is fucking weird hahaha

Love Actually is a great film, but nothing, and I mean nothing, beats It’s a Wonderful Life… Best film ever… Well, that and White Christmas.

No. No. No. I’m the queen of Christmas films and the best ever is a classic and a musical: White Christmas. Can’t be beat.

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No its DIE HARD !?


The original version of Black Christmas was good. Remake was trash.

No, we had this debate and concluded that Die Hard is not a Christmas film

but its set at xmas at a xmas party so its a xmas film.


It’s not a Christmas film. Decision is final.

Come out to the coast, have a few beers, have a few laughs

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