What was the last film you watched?

I think she was sympathy humouring the obssesso guy. I didn’t know she was 18 though, that’s sort of not quite right, makes the stalking all the worse

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Keira Shiteley is such a shit actress

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Era el cielo

Not bad as a character study of an adult male. A little unnerving with some scenes (which I won’t go into without giving spoilers away)

7 (just) out of 10

I’m pretty sure a poll concluded the exact opposite.


I discounted the yes it’s a Christmas film votes on account of them being wrong.

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White boy Rick
Absolutely brilliant start to finish. Based on a true story in 1980s Detroit of a kid involved with drug gangs recruited by the FBI.
Murky world of a world that still out there now and the films just as relevant today.
Top acting throughput and very poignant ending. Make sure you do the credits. 10/10

Easy there Trumpo


Just watched No Country For Old Men, what a cracking film. Beautifully shot and great acting but fuck me the ending is a real case of blue balls.


What does this mean?

I know it’s parky out, but still…

When you get all worked up but don’t reach climax. It’s a sexual term, one I can’t quite believe you aren’t familiar with.


Just a bunch of waffle though, wasn’t it?

BBC film critic listing ten films that aren’t Christmas films, but feel like it, adds…and I quote…

“And if you’re wondering why Die Hard isn’t on this list? Well, that’s because it’s a Christmas movie. There. I said it. Ho-ho-ho and so forth.”

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Christmas On The Square.

I absolutely love Dolly. But this might be one of the worst films I have ever seen.

I love a musical. But this was a cheesy musical sprinkled with extra Parmesan.

Agree… Bloody dreadful film… Still, Christmas Chronicles 2 is out today, that will make up for it… Shall watch it tonight, and give my report later xx

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Haven’t watched any films in a while but as is tradition will be watching Home alone 1&2 either on Xmas or Xmas Eve with the family. Fucking love Joe Pesci.

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Just finished Christmas Chronicles 2, and I have to say, I thought it was fabulous.
Great story, very schmaltzy, which is what you want from a great Christmas film, and brilliantly played by all concerned.
Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn have to be the best Hollywood couple ever, love em…

Deffo worth a watch, in fact I shall probably watch this at least another 5 times between now and Christmas day…A briiliant feel good film…10/10

The best Christmas movie I’ve seen is one I can’t remember the name of :joy:

It was the days when BBC used to show Christmas movies on every morning of kids holidays.

It was about a kid who got a toy gun for Christmas and injured himself when he went out to play with it in the snow

(I’ve made it sound pretty dark and sinister, but it wasn’t a bad film haha)

Planes, trains and automobiles for me.


This one


I hate that film. Worst Christmas movie ever. But that could be because it’s played out. Don’t know about here, but in the US it plays on repeat for weeks on TV. As a kid it was all cable and no streaming, so it annoyed me so much because I wanted other Christmas movies.