What was the last film you watched?

I think she was sympathy humouring the obssesso guy. I didn’t know she was 18 though, that’s sort of not quite right, makes the stalking all the worse

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Keira Shiteley is such a shit actress

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Era el cielo

Not bad as a character study of an adult male. A little unnerving with some scenes (which I won’t go into without giving spoilers away)

7 (just) out of 10

I’m pretty sure a poll concluded the exact opposite.


I discounted the yes it’s a Christmas film votes on account of them being wrong.

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White boy Rick
Absolutely brilliant start to finish. Based on a true story in 1980s Detroit of a kid involved with drug gangs recruited by the FBI.
Murky world of a world that still out there now and the films just as relevant today.
Top acting throughput and very poignant ending. Make sure you do the credits. 10/10

Easy there Trumpo


Just watched No Country For Old Men, what a cracking film. Beautifully shot and great acting but fuck me the ending is a real case of blue balls.


What does this mean?

I know it’s parky out, but still…

When you get all worked up but don’t reach climax. It’s a sexual term, one I can’t quite believe you aren’t familiar with.


Just a bunch of waffle though, wasn’t it?

BBC film critic listing ten films that aren’t Christmas films, but feel like it, adds…and I quote…

“And if you’re wondering why Die Hard isn’t on this list? Well, that’s because it’s a Christmas movie. There. I said it. Ho-ho-ho and so forth.”

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Christmas On The Square.

I absolutely love Dolly. But this might be one of the worst films I have ever seen.

I love a musical. But this was a cheesy musical sprinkled with extra Parmesan.

Agree… Bloody dreadful film… Still, Christmas Chronicles 2 is out today, that will make up for it… Shall watch it tonight, and give my report later xx

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Haven’t watched any films in a while but as is tradition will be watching Home alone 1&2 either on Xmas or Xmas Eve with the family. Fucking love Joe Pesci.