What positions will Emery prioritise in the transfer window?


When have shirt numbers ever meant anything at Arsenal?


Winger hopefully. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Unfortunately, just a parody. :unai:


Surely we’ll go back for Malcolm if Sven is in charge of player recruitment!


Gosh, what is so great about Malcolm?


Wrong. A winger should be a top priority.


Why would a winger be a priority when we need 2 Centre Backs and at least one midfielder and probably a left back because are more desperate positions for us right now


In terms of Urgency ie this summer I’d a CB and CM at the very least

Slightly less urgent position are GK, RB and winger


Because there’s a significant drop in quality on the LW, Emery is likely to play 4-2-3-1 and the wide areas are key.

I’m doubtful that he’s going to play Auba and Laca together so thats definitely a spot that needs some improvement.


I wonder which players are told to leave immediately


We don’t have a natural winger in the squad. Not a real 1v1 dribbling type. Only natural #9’s or #10’s. I think our CB’s can improve under better defensive tactics but that’s still a priority.

CB, GK and winger are the 3 for me.


This thread just shows how many holes we have in the squad, we legit need 4-5 signings this summer so we are going to have to raise some money somehow.


We don’t need any additions.

Under a new coach, all our current crop will be like new signings :sunglasses:


Emery being obsessed with tactics can do him well, tbh. He also needs to improve his shot.


I say bar Aubameyang, They can fucking sell each & every one of these motherfuckers.
None of them deserve to be at Top club after their showing against Atleti


You forgot to add Chambers who was our best players against Atletico :wink:


Nah fuck him too


Cool story bro.


A GK who can catch a ball and use his feet is a must !


In terms of numbers, central defence is a must.

It’s hard to tell with other positions. Emery might look at Iwobi and think he can improve him based upon the incredible “forensic analysis” he has already undertaken.

Central midfield is another big concern, but Emery might very well extract far higher performance levels from the same set of players who were bang average under Wenger.


I think this is the most likely scenario.

Players like Xhaka and Mustafa were performing well for their clubs before they came here,a dn even when they arrived, their first few games here were very promising.
It was only after Wenger had them for a while that they started to perform poorly.

Emery has no choice. and will have to get an experienced CB, because Kos can’t be relied on, Mertesacker has retired and Holding isn’t ready yet, which only leaves Mustafa and Chambers, and if either of them were injured, or lost some form, we would be down to Holding and probably Monreal to fill that position.
We also need a GK as well.

As for the attacking places, we have Aubameyang, Ozil, Lacazette, Mkhitayran and Iwobi who are enough until we can afford a top quality winger.

A replacement for Cazorla is going to be difficult, so unless we use someone we already have, it is going to be the most expensive signing in the window.

I don’t know how much Emery has been given for new players, or if he has to sell to buy, but even 100m isn’t going to get you much more than a decent CB, CM and GK, and he might not even have that much.