What positions will Emery prioritise in the transfer window?


Has to be with Kos likely done or not available until 2019 at a minimum (and with what left?) and Per retired.

As bad as the team looked at times, if Emery simply improves upon the away form, Arsenal will have a great chance at the top 4.



Please Sven! Do your madness


Leno, Soyuncydyruy, greek guy, nzonzi, Draxler


Emery will have input on positions but Sven will handle the transfers

I’d forget about attacking positions though. Surely the focus will be on defense and midfield. Sokratis is coming in, probably another CB and an MF. Forget about Rabiot, can’t see it. Serri maybe, seems to be a link there


I’m hoping the people saying Sokratis and Leno are as wrong about this as they were about Arteta.

From what people say, they’d be underwhelming


Leno in particular is on the slide, got absolutely rinsed in the Bundesliga this season.

So many comical individual mistakes, do not want.


dont watch the Bundes at all so if you guys are sure that Leno is shit, then he is. There surely must be a better GK available than Petr “butterhands” Cech.


If he brings Draxler here, I would like to enroll in #EmeryOutBrigade


I want Nick Pope.


How is his footwork?




Because he is crap


From what i’ve seen, his footwork and general movement is good. And he’s a decent shot stopper and commands his area well. Distribution is his weakness.


Two-footed, pacy, tricky winger with a lethal shot on him. Wont cost too much either since he would like to get away from the PSG bench. I absolutely love him tbh.


I really hope he will start actually using our new signings properly, and maybe give Nelson etc a shot.


Cant be worse than cech surely.


Neslon is still very raw. He will get loads of cup games next season tho, which will benefit him.


Yeah more to football than those attributes you listed.
He has been around for ages now, what has he shown for all the hype?


He’s contracted till 2021 so I doubt he’ll be cheap.

PSG might be having FFP troubles, that could either work for or against any potential deal


We 100% won’t be getting a first choice keeper after Cech being given #1.

We need a CB for sure and an explosive attacker good in 1v1 situations. Anything else will be a bonus.