What positions will Emery prioritise in the transfer window?


If Ramsey extend his contract centre midfield is set with Ramsey and Xhaka and I reckon that’s the least likely position for us to recruite. I’m not sure they are going to sacrifice Xhaka with a new manager involved etc.


A quality backup for Hector is a must. Bellerin was gassed by the end of the season. We also need a CM and CB.


I’d like to see someone that can genuinely challenge for his place too, add that to the fact he’ll be playing in an organised system at along last and we could see some genuine growth.


Given how much money has been allocated for transfers, I’d much rather we spend it on starters and not backups.

I’d really like a pacy winger, Martial/Pavon etc so that we score more from counter-attacks.


I think he will.
Getting a CB is essential, and a first choice one might take up most of the budget.
But Emery might sell players players, that he feels surplus to requirements, and get some revenue to pay for a winger or CM as well.

For a new manager starting at a big club, it’s usual to have at least two or three big signings to make a statement to the rest of the league.
I know this is Arsenal, the poverty stricken club of the PL, but even we might be able to give him the players he needs to get off to a good start.

I’ think he will go for a CB and either a CM or winger, I can’t see us getting both, certainly not if they are top quality.




My fave too





I think Emery has certainly done his homework and has got more work done in the short space of time he’s been here than we have done in several seasons worth of windows.

If Welbeck does go, it means our net spend will be fairly low considering he is a new manager for one of the biggest clubs in Europe.

Most new managers going to a new club get given a substantial amount to spend, even Pellegrini at a notoriously tight fisted club like West Ham has spent a considerable amount, so are we going to get a marquee signing, like a winger, or is our business finished for this window?

To go into the new season with just Torreira and Leno as our two biggest signings seems a bit underwhelming, and even Wenger like.
If the rumours of us trying to get Mbappe or Lemar were true, then surely we can expect a big signing to come in.


Our net spend is in line with our past business of the last five years or so. Why would a new manager get a bigger budget?


Keep ignoring the fact about Auba signing in January though when we have this conversation. The whole basis of the season though is on tweaking the players we have, with a few extra players.
Its transition and your not going to be able to rush it.
Theres a new voice in the dressing room and where basically just going to have to go with it. Im hopeful rather than expectant and thats a big lift on what ive felt the last few years.


Most managers, especially high profile ones going to a big club, like to make a statement of intent and are given the funds to do it.
As I said,if we had the money to go out and buy Mbappe or Lemar, and have sold several first team players recently, I would have thought that a marquee signing would give the club the lift we have lack for so long.

I know we bought Aubameyang, but realistically he was the big name player to replace Sanchez.

If our transfer business is done, then maybe Wenger wasn’t backed financially by the board, and all the talk by Gazidis and Wenger about being able to afford the best players was a pack of lies.


Think you need to accept that this isn’t going to happen.


I refuse to believe it.
I think we have been saving up for the last few seasons and waiting until we had a new manager to give him the money to go out and get Mbappe.

It all makes sense.
We’re buying Mbappe…hang on…what’s that noise?
Oh, my alarm clock has just gone off.

No, you’re right.
We’re not buying a marquee player :grinning:


This marquee player looks like he’d fit right in. Sign him up.


Judging by the colours Jack is at it again.


Why do we need to sign a marquee player? Just for promo? We aren’t real Madrid haha

Looking at our team we don’t need any marquee players signed as we already have them in Mhki Özil Auba and Laca.


I just think that when we have bought a marquee player, like the ones you mentioned, Ozil, Lacazette, Aubameyang and Sanchez, the lift it gives the club, as well as the players is massive.

If you don’t sign this kind player, it can have the reverse effect, and we have lost some of our best players because of our lack of investment in top quality.

Remember it’s our lack of spending and a reliance on under performing and cheaper players that has seen us drop out of the CL places.

I take your point about Aubameyang, Ozil and Mkhitayran, but a decent Cazorla replacement, CB and GK is also needed.


You think we’re going to buy an experienced CB and GK and then buy better ones in the same window?