What is the outlook for this season?



This is a situation Wenger has never been in before. Ok sure, he has had doubters and bad starts…but nothing like the situation now compounded by a joke of a transfer window and a dressing room that could turn on him at any given moment.

This is actually a very volatile situation that cannot be rectified till January at the earliest (if at all). I’ve always held a bit of optimism in previous seasons even after a bad window, but I genuinely cant see any good this season at all.




from bottom? We aren’t that bad mate.:wenger2:


Nah I mean it, reckon we have third in us. Just need to actually start playing our new signings and get Nelson into the mix.


5th or outside top 10


People genuinely think we’re going to finish top four?


If you think Nelson is going to make a difference to our season and final position, you have another thing coming @Oliver


How can we possibly finish in the top four?

We were fifth last year and haven’t addressed most of the glaring holes in the first team.
We got Lacazette, which was about the bare minimum and sorted out the LB position.

We haven’t got a replacement for Cazorla and we have lost Chamberlain.
Our two best players, Sanchez and Ozil, who seem unmotivated and unhappy, refusing to sign new contracts.

We have one of our starting CB’s, Mustafi, who doesn’t seem to want to be here either.
We don’t seem to know how to defend properly and have been beaten by Stoke, and then thrashed by Liverpool in one of the most pathetic performances I have seen.

We have had several players leave or want to leave in the transfer window and rumours of players we have approached turning us down because of our lack of ambition.

But, most importantly, we have a manager that has seen this stagnation and decline, yet refuses to do anything about it, either in the transfer market or on the pitch.

How does all this equate to us getting a CL place?


We can buy the 4th place spot with all the money we’re saving up!


That’s not how premier league football works though.

A team finishing 5th in a season doesn’t mean they are suddenly capped at 5th.

Besides, since when are Sanchez and Ozil unmotivated? Retaining our best talent, clearing dead wood and adding two players to the starting 11 isn’t bad at all ffs.


@discobot fortune Is Arsenal’s outlook for this season bleak?


:crystal_ball: Very doubtful


@discobot fortune Will Arsenal finish in top 4?


:crystal_ball: You may rely on it




4th would be terrible


I will be interested to see how you spin next summer, when we lose our best 2 players for free & won’t replace them adequately.


I’m sorry that i don’t allow arsenal to make me a sad moany suicidal little cry baby.

People are just knee jerking, Chelsea got dicked by us last season and went on to win the league. It will take more than one game where we obviously just under performerd to make me think we can’t have a great season.


Some people’s optimism amazes me. We got trounced by Liverpool and had 0 shots on target, we looked a shambles. We lost Stoke away, barely scraped a win against Leicester.

Wenger hasn’t shown any resolve. Our top players we kept, but look terribly unmotivated and the whole atmosphere surrounding the team is hopeless.

Yet, some still think we have a shot at 4th, the Wenger Trophy.

I see a very bleak season ahead and 5 teams which are much much stronger than us.


Who’s suicidal :joy: ?