What is the outlook for this season?


Looks like it’s more torture at the hands of Arsene Wenger.


BLEAK at best.

I do expect us to finish in the top 10, with Europa League football being our objective for the end of the season. With the way things have gone under Wenger and this board, the day is not far when we start hearing about a top 10 finish being a trophy of sorts.


fucking shit as fuck


Confrontational but for all the fallout its at least bringing some passion back to the club. It will have to get uglier though to see things change.
Cups are our mostly likely chance of success and im never giving up on them. Even Stewart Houston managed to get us to a cup winners cup final after the sacking of George Graham.


Will finish somewhere between 6th and 9th, hopefully we have a cup run somewhere in either Europa League or FA cup. Most importantly though we made a tidy profit in the transfer window.


We all know the chairman of the board loves that sort of stuff more than trophies. Another 2 mil for Arsene then.


In terms of the Premier league, I said at the start of the season we’ll finish between 7th and 10th even with Alexis In the team. I be massively shocked if we are in the bottom half struggling. We beat all the teams we should be beating at home, away god knows depends on which team turns up and if the home team play into our hands. We lose most games to top sides home and away, might pull off one shock as we always do. I say 8th is where we’ll finish.

In The Cups, I fully expect Wenger to go all out to save his ass and play his strongest 11. He knows if he wants to stay a second year of his contract and to have an excuse even from the backlash he get, he can always throw he won a cup at his haters. So I expect our best 11 out in League Cup, EL and FA Cup. I think he knows damn well he ain’t getting top 4, with his lack spending and losing players.


Had forgotten that I started this thread until the notifications hit.:joy::rofl:

Sadly, what little optimism I had was zapped after 2 games and a half of play.:cech::facepalm:

At this point, I am hoping that the young guys get a legitimate chance and that players are actually playing in their respective positions. :wenger2:



I reckon 8th as well. Everton to take our place in the ‘top 6’. Also one club to break from the pack and pip us to 7th, maybe even Kieran Gibbs’ West Brom :grimacing:

The rate of decline will get steeper from this summer until Wenger leaves, so I can see 5th -> 8th happening in the space of 1 year


Not as bleak as you guys are saying imo. We always end up going on a run and picking things up, let’s see what happens. I think our progress in the Europa will be the only interesting thing, would be cool to win that.

Apart from that, don’t care about our league fixtures haven’t really in a while. But 4th-7th is where I see us.

Best thing you guys can do. Get a Twitter account and join the fun on Arsenal Twitter. Or just the banter here. Laughter is the best medicine during these times.


There are only 5 good teams in the league though. 6th should be easy. With one lightning bolt, maybe 7th


Hard to say. If the dressing room goes completely it could be very bleak. I just cant see us achieving anything collectively when half the players are either in their last year of contract, failed to leave in the summer, or just too old and declining. I worry for our midfield the most.


We need to hope somehow the dressing room stays together and we win the Europa League… no way we finish higher than 6th in the league.


Yeah, between 6th and 8th.


4th to 8th.

I think we’ll have a couple decent runs, but we’ll lose all big away games, again.


We didn’t last year, I was expecting it and it didn’t happen until we eventually changed formation, a trick I don’t see working again.

The issue is the atmosphere is poison and it wasn’t like that until the second half of last season. I think fans will be angry about our start and our window and Wenger is going to be doubted and abused for every decision all season. He’s starting on the back foot and I can’t see him bringing it back. Even all the pundits appear to be Wenger out now (except for Neville who it appears will never turn).

In the past when 4th was in doubt our rivals (Spurs, Liverpool, Villa, Everton etc.) ended up bottling it and we ended up making it through because of that.

I don’t see 2 of the top 4 contenders bottling it in that fashion this year. 4th is no longer the consolation prize for the team who can’t finish in the top 2/3, you need to actually do well to get there and I think our players are capable but the situation we’re in will make us fall short, potentially by some distance.


Between 6th and 8th.


Anywhere below 4th, too many better teams with squads that play for their managers


As it stands, there is no way we finish above:
And perhaps even Everton

If Wenga doesn’t sort it out quickly, we will be in for a long ass painful season.


Meh Everton aren’t all That. Everton or another team would have to have an anomalous season to finish above us. We underachieved last year and still got 73 points. 70-73 is probably enough to get 6th.