What is the outlook for this season?

Arsenal’s transfer business looks to be completed at this point (at least anyone that could help the team start off the season). Lacazette looks to be a decent/good buy. Unable to get another midfielder. Ramsey to no one’s surprise but Wenger, has a hamstring issue already.

Despite that, I think that Arsenal can knick 4th place, provided that Sanchez stays and doesn’t force a move/give a half ass effort or alternatively, the team could prioritize the Europa League as a path back to Champions League football.

What is your outlook for the season?[poll type=regular public=true]

  • Champions (Ha)
  • Runners up
  • 3rd
  • 4th
  • 5th
  • 6th
  • 7th
  • 8th-10th
  • Outside the top 10

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We aren’t getting top four and therefore should prioritise the Europa league.

Three at the back will prove to be a false dawn IMO, we’ll still suffer from the same doubts, tactical frailties, lack of mental fortitude as well as leadership.

It’s fucked up to be saying this before we’ve even kicked a ball in the new season but that’s life under the latter half of Wenger’s reign, business so far hasn’t been inspiring or addressed key areas that NEED to be upgraded so yeah as far as the PL goes another formulaic season for the Arsenal beckons.


My initial optimism has completely disappeared. Same old Wenger. It’s a sham we ever gave him an extension.


5th or 6th. 3rd or 4th a best case sneario if everything went well (Lacazette being a hit, fit Ramsey, among a few other things).


From Aug to May in one expression


2nd behind City.
Europa league final.
League cup.


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Not sure how we’re going to accomplish all of that with a squad that’s barely a marked improvement on last year and with the same manager who is clearly fresh out of ideas on how to take us forward in the modern game.

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It doesn’t look good tbh, normally I’m not this pessimistic before the season starts, 5th or 6th is the place to be I think, same squad barring two new decent additions, same bunch of midtable players who might get a chance of playing regularly.

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73-78 points. Could be 5th, could be 3rd. I dunno.

If Sanchez stays there’s no reason to think we’ll do any worse than last season and 75 points is normally enough for at least 4th. If we can better that and have a Europa run we can be proud of I’ll be happy with that.


Europa League win hopefully.

If Özil Alexis and Lacazette click we could finish 3rd

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Right now I went for fifth, although I wouldn’t feel comfortable fully backing that. If Sanchez stays and is happy to do so then I’ll be slightly more optimistic.

I make us slight outsiders against Liverpool/Tottenham in this season’s 4PT race at present, altho that could change with Tottenham vulnerable to injuries and if Liverpool lose Coutinho.

Europa League is likely to affect us negatively somehow, even if Ozil and the like are left at home. As a club we’re used to playing Sundays but not this weird Thursday-Sunday cycle thing. We should place serious emphasis on the Europa as soon as/if we hit the round of 32.

League Cup will be as it usually is and Fa Cup as ever should remain a source of pride for every genuine Arsenal supporter.

League: 5th place
Europa League: Finalists :grimacing:
League Cup: Quarter Finals
Fa Cup: Quarter Finals


  • Lacazette. Not a superstar, but he is a striker (which we were in need of) and our record signing which shows a statement of intent.
  • Kolasinac. Some much needed physicality.
  • Lehmann, a dominant figure known for being very competitive – hopefully it’ll rub off on some of the players.
  • We finished last season positively with our new formation.
  • No uncertainty over Wenger’s future.


  • Uncertainty over a number of players, most notably Ozil and Sanchez.
  • Key areas have been ignored. And despite what Wenger says, we do need another CM – we never properly recovered after Cazorla’s injury.
  • Our “rivals” are way ahead of us in terms of talent.
  • The shift to the Europa League and the Thursday Sunday pattern plus the long distances that may entail.
  • The certainty over Wenger’s future.

League: 4th (just ahead of Spurs)
Europa League: quarter finals


Our transfer window has been the absolute bare minimum.

My optimism is at an all time low. I’ll still be watching the games though.

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Pessimism seems widespread. When we changed formation, my reading of this forum was something like:

Striker: Giroud / Welbeck not good enough, need to buy :laca:
Left Attackerman: Sanchez : WC - Give him £300k
Right Attackerman : Ozil : WC - Give him £300k
CM: Xhaka : Baller
CM : Ramsey : Dem Runz!
LWB: Kolasinac wrapped up early - everyone seems happy so far
RWB: Alex Oxlade Alves, cancel the season and give him the Ballon D’Or right now
CB: Holding : Northern Tony Adams
CB : Monreal : Love him
CB : Kosclieny : #bestintheleague
GK : Cech : Reborn!

If Lacazette scores like we know he can, Ramsey does what he does and Cech doesn’t fuck anything up, I don’t see much reason not to believe that this a team that can win games. Sure it won’t be the best eleven players in the league but it’s not always about that.


Poll added to the original post. Let’s see how right (or wrong) our predictions are this season! :wenger:

Why are you being so weirdly optimistic all of a sudden?

5th/6th atm. If we bought some other players and kept Alexis we could finish 3rd and win the Europa League.

We will win more games than we loose by a large margin, score a lot of brilliant goals and hopefully even have a trophy to show for it come the end of the season