What is the outlook for this season?


GFI, probably.


Hopefully losing the big games heavily again it is gonna be the final in the coffin for Wenger. Don’t think even our greedy board would accept it.


Cheers mate.


Losing massively to our rivals has never had any impact on Wengers job security, can’t see why it would now.


Because our fans are desperate and the board need a scspegoat.


Oh, we’ll make top 4. The knee jerk is hard right now. Before this last week espn pundits were choosing us to be top 4, and some even said we’ll finish 2nd, and that’s because we had a good transfer window. Dont be prisoners of the moment people.


Based on what? Half of our team don’t want to be here. Only Wenger to get the sack could save us.


Sunday was the lowest point as an Arsenal fan in the last 20 years. It was kind of the last straw if you like. But I’ve calmed down now and have tried to look at it objectively and positively (as much as I can).

So, last 5 seasons after 3 games:

12/13 - 5 points (and only 9 points after 6 games)
13/14 - 6 points (lost our first game to Villa)
14/15 - 5 points (10 points after 6 games)
15/16 - 4 points (lost to West Ham on opening day)
16/17 - 4 points (that Liverpool game)

OK, It’s never been as bad as this (especially when you add in fan and dressing room unrest), but it’s never been amazing either. It’s not disastrous as long as the team don’t put in performances like they did against Liverpool again and Wenger PLAYS THEM IN BLOODY POSITION!

Having said that, top 4 will be tough. If I force myself I can just about see us finishing above Spurs. Amongst our shambles, it’s worth remembering they only have 1 more point than us at the moment and haven’t yet settled in at Wembley. But the other 4 are another kettle of fish and I don’t trust Wenger to gee the team up to get a result against any of them.


I’d take the other side of that wager.

The pundits aren’t factoring in what a bad lockerroom environment will do to this team. Wenger looks like he has lost the team and bizarrely playing players out of position (or not at all–Laca or Sead???) isn’t helping. Throw in the other rivals have strengthened their squad and 4th place seems quite a reach at this point.

I think that 4th would actually be quite an achievement and turnaround for another shit show to start the season.


Prem 6th at best
Europa league semi final
Fa cup 6th round
League cup 5th round


We are hoping and praying Spurs have a collapse due to Wembley fever, but it worth remember they were 11 points above us last season… with a GD that was 27 better than ours… that is about a .7 better GD PER GAME. I do think they will come down a bit tbf and perhaps struggle to hit 80 points…

To put it in context, they had more points last season than we have had since the Invincibles… and that was when City was irrelevant and Chelsea hadn’t quite vaulted themselves yet.


Yeah that’s why I said “if I force myself” I can just about imagine it happening. I’m trying to be positive goddammit :kos2:


I think there’s more chance of us finishing 7th or 8th than 4th. We obviously have the talent for 5th minimum but I can see some serious underperforming ahead throughout the season, particularly away from home.



Good article… I had wondered about the true metrics around our back 3 experiment - that delta of 5 goals conceded and 11 expected is pretty interesting.


This thread makes for some interesting reading in retrospect.


It looks like a lot of people got it right.
Although, considering how poor we were the previous season, it wasn’t too hard to predict.

This must be the most boring PL season since Wenger has been here and as long as he continues what he is doing, it isn’t going to be hard to predict anything.


“Oh look, IDB10 said something nice… aaaaaand there he is.”


Great shout, especially on the away form!


Why should I say anything nice?
I wrote this at the start of the season.

It seems fairly accurate to me me.
What did you think was going to happen?