What are you watching?


Thats it I warned you and I told you you wouldn’t like it @JakeyBoy

@Calum too.


I knew this would have happened.


I can’t remember what I said :joy: Sad for them tho they were a good couple hah


Nah just @ing you for the news lol.

Dw it’s just a stupid joke for jake


The only amazing thing about that article is that it describes them as a “popular couple.”

It then goes on to say they blamed the split on hectic work schedules.

What have they been doing?
Making a new album? writing a best selling novel? going round the world as peace ambassadors? or more likely, standing in front of photographers showing their incredible lack of talent?


Can’t believe Emily has frauded her way to second place. She better not win ffs!! Come on Hazza!


Speaking of Love Island, I can’t help but be reminded of @Cristo’s incredible rant in here back in the Summer, spoken from the heart :laughing:

I’m sure he will Calum, people been saying he’s been favourite all week. He’ll probably consider it a greater achievement than taking Spurs to top 4 :wenger:


Yes he won! :crown: What a legend of a guy haha deserved winner


I’ve been watching South Park again. The last few seasons have been as strong as ever, it’s incredible they’ve been able to keep the quality so consistent for over 2 decades now. Love the way they make social commentary.


Watched the Bobby Robson doc that recently went up on Netflix. Guy was a legend.


Making my way through season 4 now @PPB and others.

Love this pack of kids lol, Namond Brice is a little shit but I love him. Poor Dukie too. And the entrepreneurial motherfucker. Randy I think.

Love how we’re getting more insight into the home lives of these kids, and how these drug dealers grow up.


Unfortunately, series 2 is a pile of wank.


I was surprised by the way it ended. Don’t know what to make of that season. It was weird.


I’m exceptionally jealous that you’ve managed to enjoy 3.5 seasons of beauty and I don’t have the time.

I’ve seen this show start to finish 4 times and am due another rewatch. I’d rather watch it again than take the risk on something that might not be as good. Still #1 for me.


Now is the ideal time to start another rewatch. I’m myself still indecisive if it will be Sopranos or The Wire over the holidays.


Billions season 4. Love this shit.


You mean season 3 surely?




Vikings isn’t really interesting watch anymore, hasn’t been for a long while.

Early seasons use to be very intimate and slow paced with much more emphasis on quality writing and acting but as the show as expanded both those elements have steadily decreased in quality.

First season will always be pure gold though


@PPB I just watched the election episode.

Ngl, the way everyone (including you guys) jizz over this show I wasn’t really thinking it was THAT good.

It was good, but people made it sound like heaven or something.

But with this election episode, I kinda get it. That episode summed up exactly why this show is so loved I think and cemented itself as #1 for me.


@Calum @JakeyBoy