What are you watching?


She’s autistic, that’s it. It’s brilliant that she’s even giving it a go.


If you’re watching I’m a Celebrity you’re mentally subnormal

hopes nobody remembers that I watched Love Island


I get the autism thing and I do agree that good on her for trying, but… Bring autistic doesn’t mean you have to be downright lazy!
Once again Anne is excluded for medical reasons…really is a waste of time her being in the jungle…


And she’s lazy because she doesn’t do the challenges?


No…she’s just lazy…she doesn’t have to do the challenges because she’s always medically exempt…Should not have gone on the show!


So other than the challenges, what else doesn’t she do that makes her lazy?


She does, or has done nothing!




Fleur is fine. Got great hair n all


Welcome to the mentally subnormal :wink:


Finally started on Ozark in the past week and it’s a great show, midway through season 2 atm.

Ruth is my favourite character.


Nah, genuinely just caught a bit briefly. Could never get into it, and I’ll give you photographic evidence of why

Can’t stand bugs and creepy crawlies, closest I’ve got to a phobia. Some of those challenges him and Edmonds were doing made me feel a bit sick.


Genuinely wonder why people watch this crap. Explore a little beneath the surface and it quite disgusting reality TV. Very disturbing


I believe all reality TV ought to be thrown onto the scrap heap. The Apprentice, Dragons Den, this jungle shite.

You think what it can be replaced with- drama,.documentary, even a re run of an old comedy. Instead we’re subjected to this mindless shit. No wonder the country’s dumbing down


Generally speaking, reality TV is very cheap though, and popular. Which is the problem, its so easy for those in charge to do this crap instead of investing in quality programming.


Some people should be very careful when they get off their high horses, and, finally, Anne did something useful for her fellow contestants…Well done, xx




Goliath on Amazon Prime
First season was quite good.
Seemed more realistic and rooted rather than some amazing turn of events kind of show.


Just watched the Last Jedi for the first time…

What an unmitigated piece of crap, my worse fears confirmed. They’ve basically used star wars branding to sell a generic sci-fi flick.

Disney has completely killed Star Wars for me, pure garbage all round.

Nice visuals though


Missus and I just watched Wind River recently. It was pretty bleak but Jeremy Renner put in a solid performance.