What are you watching?


Been looking forward to it since it was announced haha :syringe::syringe:


@cristo fetch boy.


Georgia’s voice ffs

@Electrifying @JakeyBoy you watching haha


Oh shit I forgot this was on. Got tomorrow off work so it’s deffo a catch up ting!


People Just Do Nothing




A Quiet Place is better than Bird Box


Finished Sunderland till I die today which was good watch hopefully they do a second series

Then started the first episode of YOU on netflix.


That new Black Mirror pick what happens episode is a bit shite.


I liked the concept, the story (although I wish they could have immersed it more in the game world) and the music. Got a bit tedious picking things, going back and forth though. Ending was, as ever with BM, depressing lol.


I’m going to need to check that Tangerine Dream LP out too, looks/sounds lush.


My main issue really. I hope the concept doesn’t take off.


Prezbylewski is on my favourites list now.

Herc is on my cunt list. That trump voting moron


Bald cunt


It was a great watch but kind of brutal at times. I really liked watching Johnny Williams go through rehab for his injury and take the time to speak to a therapist about how he was feeling. Hopefully that goes a long way to destigmatizing mental health treatment in the game.


Started watching The Americans the other day.

Started off very strong, looking good.


Brilliant series. Watched every episode when it was on tv. You are in for a treat my friend


Has anyone tried the new interactive Black Mirror movie thingy on Netflix?


Look above bruh^


Oh okay. Good I won’t bother with it then


Saw the two seasons of The Handmaid’s Tale.

Wow, what a depressing film. Well, for @Trion it might be pure comedy and enjoyment :smiley:
But it was so well made, it really gets you involved, slow-paced, gritty narrative full of details and character development.


Eh? Handmaid or black mirror?