What are you watching?


Riz Ahmed interview last night on BBC 2. Really captavating interview by this guy last night. Multi talented actor and singer with good in depth perspective on all things about being of Pakistani decent living and working in England and America.
One of the most insightfull interviews ive heard on this subject and articulate. @Electrifying think you would get a lot out of it.
Be on iplayer guys id recommend it strongly people. An actor with something too really say.


Project Runway is surprising addictive…


New BBC drama Bodyguard is brilliant. Best Drama / Thriller series in years on the Beeb. From the same guy who produced Line of Duty. Also has Robb Stark as the male lead :slight_smile:


Ozark season 2 is back and I’m going to binge it. Loved the first season.


Yea same here. Gotta wait til I have basically a day free to tear through it :slight_smile:


Is Ozark actually available to watch right now?

If so I gonna smoke one and then crack on haha


Oh dayum, I’ve just seen that the whole second series is available to watch right now.

Just stuck episode four of Better Call Saul on cos I need to get that out the way before I crack on.

Boy oh boy am I excited


Better Call Saul is first then lol. It’s going to be a lazy Saturday that’s for sure.


Invited my pal over to watch Liverpool and then City, now I kinda wish I hadn’t and could just bang out most of Ozark haha


Me and my girlfriend watch this every night with a bottle of wine.

We both fucking LOVE Sandra Lee, MD. Dr. Pimple Popper.

Shit is awesome.


I got back from work late last night and was flicking through Netflix and saw it was back! Stayed up until 3am watching it and polished off a bottle of wine by myself hahaha

It’s a great new season


Better Call Saul is really getting interesting now. I’m enjoying this show a lot.

Better than Breaking Bad for me personally.


Just started Ozark. Finished the pilot. Good stuff!


Finished Season Two of Ozark. It’s very good and engaging and all that but he could never hold it all together in reality, just constantly digging himself a new hole to get out of. And how the fuck did Ruth learn everything? She barely spent any actual time with Marty


Name a more iconic duo. I’ll wait.




@Phoebica and giroud :henry2: