What are you watching?


F’ckin fantastic was the Wire. Easy to get swept into the Power and Game of Thrones tidal wave of right now, but the Wire will no doubt stand the test of time.

Dominic West is a beast when it comes to acting. Watch him in the Affair, too. He almost single handedly makes that show




RIP Bert…


Literally just started watching this this week!


I started a couple of weeks ago, half way through the second series. It’s been quite a while since I’ve found a new comedy that makes me properly belly laugh consistently.


The dynamic duo are iconic as well.


Still haven’t managed to start Ozark season 2 because I’ve been busy and this weekend doesn’t look like it’ll give me a chance to proper binge as well.

How was it @shamrockgooner and @JakeyBoy and @BergkampsLoveChild


I just watched the first episode of season 2 and can’t wait to binge the living balls out of it tomorrow


Anyone who finished season 2: is it the last season or will there be more?


Same as you mate, haven’t had the time to get dug into it yet and probably going to be at least another two weeks or so :cry:


It’s probably not as good as the first season but still really good.

@Bl1nk spoilers in case people don’t want to see it very much was set up for another series


I think people might have misunderstood the “name a more iconic duo” post. It’s a meme, not a challenge lol


I knew what it was but couldn’t miss the opportunity to tell people I have seen the Wire and that Bunk and McNulty have superior chemistry to any other television duo in the history of time.


That’s why you got a like, because Bunk and Jimmy are just the best ever


Anyone watch Snowfall? Loving it at the moment.

It’s about the beginning of the crack epidemic in LA during the 80’s.


Currently watching Big Brother and Ozark.


This season feels very much like I’m just watching more Breaking Bad, obviously that’s not a bad thing. I really liked Jimmy’s build up and the insight into his family and early career, not to mention some of the characters within that dynamic are fantastic, I really like Kim Wexler and I’m interested to see where it leads with her.

Saying that I felt they dragged out his family problems about a season too long and I’m really glad that this season is starting to incorporate the themes that made BB such a success, and not just using subtle nods to the original. I wish netflix had the whole thing up cause I’d literally watch the rest of this in a day.


No we just got rid of love jerkest


Started watching Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime. Really enjoying it.


Oh yeah binged Jack Ryan. Was interesting.