What are you watching?


How have you gone until now without watching Friends? :cech:


because it’s wank.



Ryan says fuck out!


I can’t decide what is more atrocious between this and electrify not liking biryani


Truth hurts. Eh, Ryan?

Both are just positions to take. :hipster:


Because wife.


Are you divorced now? Sorry to hear that.


I’m not Ross dude.


Says the guy who used to watch Glee all the time :arteta:


Which means I have the expert knowledge in knowing what’s wank.


Watched Hereditary last night, probably the first horror film in like ten years that has unsettled me. It was an awesome ride.


I tell you what is worth watching, the trailer for the new horror out soon…The Nun…go have a look…




And to think I used to take what @Persona said about shows and films seriously. Before.

No more :gabriel:



Saw that and absolutely pissed my pants :joy::joy::joy:


Dr Pimple Popper on TLC
Pussfest all the way .
If you like plenty of puss , snot and blackheads then this is the programme for you .


Finally watched Deadpool 2 and Infinity War.

Can’t believe how much both sucked. Cash grabbing piles of wank.


Surprisingly there is a huge viewer base for such stuff.
I sometimes find myself watching an odd blackhead/ingrown hair removal video; and I have to say it’s quite satisfying at the end.


My girlfriend loves YouTube videos like this. We were recently flicking through the TV guide and I agreed to put this show on series record for her on the condition that she never asks me to watch it with her. Disgusting stuff, don’t understand how anyone can stomach watching it lol