What are you watching?


The lie detector is most likely fake – past Islanders have alluded to as much.

But even if it’s real, I don’t see the point of it, especially some of the stupid questions they ask – which they then get upset about. I wouldn’t care if they thought another girl was good looking, i’d probably agree with them! I’d ask questions like, “Have you ever danced naked in front of the mirror?” Or “Michelangelo is the best turtle, right?”


Haha yeah definitely but good entertainment :joy:



Thanks for moving the discussion on to proper TV though :giroud2:


“Could you be tempted by another person… NO” LIE

“OMG I dont want disloyal people wawawa”

How about you fucking ask would you cheat on me with someone else then if loyalty is all you care about? Because every fucking cunt in the world could be tempted by something at some stage in their lives, not acting on it is what makes them loyal. As if shes fucked off by such an open question when hes literally said he loves her, wants to have a family with her and be with her forever.


Yeah I’m giving tonight a miss.

In a move sure to delight @Persona and other film lovers, I shall be watching whiplash, finally.


Very good. Very good. A move in the right direction. :smirk: Though, I’ve never actually seen that film. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Haha really. I’ve been meaning to watch that for ages, along with boyhood and foxcatcher


3/3 not seen. :grimacing::grin:


Can confirm was very good 8/10


See, this is why this is an important question. Your wrong answer tells me that we’re incompatible. You don’t get that insight from asking some guy to predict the bloody future! :sunglasses:


Holy shit Who Is America is fucking hilarious


I think you’ll find in every major scientific study on the subject Michaelangelo is officially the third best turtle (I know I don’t need to tell you which loser is last).

I just asked my wife this question and luckily she provided the correct answer without hesitation. I hope one day everyone gets the chance to find their perfect turtle match :heart_eyes:


Nah, everyone knows this is the best turtle.


I won’t involve myself in the debate of who’s the best TMNT (TMHT if you prefer) but I’m assuming everyone agrees Donatello is the least best?


Which ones the red one? He was my fave. Rafael right?


He’s your fave and you don’t even know how to spell his name correctly.

For shame elec, for shame. :smile:


The start of the second episode is fucking amazing :joy:

This can’t be real ffs, people can’t be that stupid lol


I have only seen their youtube video on toddler gun training.
That was something. Stupidity on a different level altogether.


Dr Alex is such a muggy prick. :bell::end:

The mask has finally fallen off


Fiat 500 twitter doing bits last night voting black jack off instead of him