What are you watching?



Dr Alex out imo

Sick of his shite.

Laura too, needs to chill out ffs. Keeps pushing people away with this intenseness.


Innit. Love how now he thinks he can be picky.

Guy adds no value, aside from pure cringe. Get rid asap


Danni calls him out on it tonight can’t wait haha. You silly lobster man. Alexandra is way out your league ffs!


Two people quit the Villa today…


With less than 2 weeks left? Why?


Fucking click bait!! :bellerin:

I wanted to know who it was haha. Bet it’s Sam and Georgia


Bet old Laura is one of them. Also new Laura :giroud2:




Knew it would have been Sam and Georgia haha


Fair enough,

Started feeling bad for Georgia towards the end. She’s not a bad person, despite what the producers have done recently to hammer home her heel turn.

She’s just a bit immature, which is expected and she just has some growing up to do in the world. Like we all need/needed.

Hope she deals with the inevitable BS that will be thrown at her well.


She’s the first after Jack and Danni to hit 1M Instagram followers from the 2018 season so don’t think it’ll be that bad tbh.


Is there a reality show where these hookers and fuckbois are lined up & shot at?
I would gladly watch that


Actual love Big Claude from the Apprentice watches it haha

Read through all his tweets :joy: what a man.


Alex isn’t as nice a guy as made out. Pure calculation in the way he told Laura that Jack had been kissing new Laura and then moved straight into telling her Paul was into her and that she should pursue that, to try and clear the way for him to get back in with Alexandra. Pretty manipulative behaviour.


He’s a prick tbh pied Alex then came back with his tale between his legs when she went went new Jack.

He couldn’t wait to tell Laura that Jack kissed new Laura. He couldn’t hide his smile the fucking sweetie wife :joy:

Can’t believe Alexandra lets him back in so easy…


Thought he was a wrongun ever since he ditched Charlie for grace.

He can GTFO, awkward bastard has taken the place of so many people who would actually give us entertainment and maybe actually find love, and for what?!

Producers finally find a stunner that actually likes him and he thinks he’s a big man now.

He can jog on, the rugby loving hairdryer nonce.

Edit Stephanie looks pretty upset for someone who isn’t upset lol :joy:

Btw I feel new Josh might be gay


:joy::joy: Georgia finds out how she says Loyal too much


Dr Alex’s roleplay :joy::joy: fair play to him in that it actually worked but still :joy:


Lie Detector Test Episode :fire::fire: