What are you watching?




Who Is America episode 2 was peak Sacha Baron Cohen and absolute gold!! :arteta:

I fucking loved it.


How are you watching it?


All 4.


I saw them both yesterday, what the actual fuck. The bit with him doing the presentation for the small town getting a mosque asking them which one they prefer :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


Mr. Robot. Dark as fuck but really engaging. 6th episode in so far.


I think the show is a little bit hit and miss, but the parts that land… wow lol


Yeah same, some of it is cringe but some of it has me proper belly laughing


Second episode was better than the first I thought, hopefully it’s on an upward trajectory. Looking forward to the Palin interview haha


First episode for sure.

But 2nd for me was just hit hit hit.

The Congressman learning Krav Maga :arteta:

The sponsor a child soldier skit :arteta:

The Dick Cheney interview :arteta:

The Mosque skit :arteta: :arteta: :arteta:
Fucking brilliant no idea how he got out of that alive.

The way he manages to get these cunts to out themselves as complete cunts and humiliate them is an amazing ability.


Just finished Homeland season 7. Loved it!


That’s exactly it and he’s so good at it I’ve genuinely no idea how people don’t see through it. People actually are that stupid.

The whole I’m racist against Muslims and black people are lucky to live here in our town because we tolerate them is weapons grade fucking absurd. Then there’s a guy from the house of representatives jumping up and down shouting the N word and racially impersonating asian/Chinese people. Fuck me alive.


Tbf those people are genuinely ignorant and stupid and are probably not the kind of people who would know who Sacha baron Cohen is.

The left leaning people seem to quickly get that it’s a pisstake and leave, that Alex Jones parody character while funny, doesn’t seem to be getting much traction haha.


Homeland FTW.

Check out Berlin Station if you are a fan of the spy genre.


I’ve said this before, I think on here too, but I think Homeland would have been so much more powerful if they’d ended it after one season with Brody… * spoiler *

I think it would have gone down as one of the legendary television shows


If it had ended there and then, with that, yeah.

I stopped watching after season 3.

Guys who still do, is Dana still annoying AF?


S3 was shit but after that it picked it back up.

Wtf is Dana



Oh wow, we moved on from the Brody’s a long time ago.


Just watched Extinction on Netflix last night. It was pretty good. Not mind blowing, but I don’t regret spending an 1:45 on it.