What are you watching?




9 mins to go till Love Island. Can’t wait, gonna be some drama tonight


Wonder whos getting dumped?

Hope it’s Dr Alex. Bored of him now.

Tomorrow and Wednesday night are gonna be litttt. World Cup semi finals then Love Island :heart_eyes:


So, I’m about 7 or 8 episodes into Luke Cage. It’s gotten a little better. But overall I’m kind of disappointed. However, the Danny/Luke bromance is funny as fuck… They should combine them into one show. I think that would be badass.


@JakeyBoy @Electrifying :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


arent you gonna tag Trion too?




Everyone was raging at Josh but he was proven right in the end.

Saw through Georgia all along tbh. All those catchphrases she kept repeating, completely set off my bullshit detector (‘keep us on our toes’ ‘loyalty’ etc)

Josh and Kaz are great.


Have to admit they are tbf. Best couple in there along with Jack and Dani. Still like Georgia the best out of all the girls there tho. Hope she can stop going on about loyalty for a bit now :joy:


Was never as keen on Georgia as some and I think recent days have backed that up, she really is a silly little girl if we’re honest. She’s totally delusional about the Jack kiss thing and then added to the barefaced lie by being a twat and singing dry your eyes to him. Don’t rate her at all


I am shocked and appalled


Read they’ve just reversed Wes and Megan at the start. Watching it and it does look like that tbh


Love Island is scripted?
Surely not?

Just like Chelsea.
Plastic and fake.


Scripted you say? Are they at least good actors?


Here they all come crawling out the woodwork… :wink:


Yeah joint Fiat500 twitter and Georgilluminati operation imo




Idris is annoying a.f. Overconfidence isn’t cool


They should introduce an STD ridden slag into the house or whatever they stay in. See how many get infected before the end of the series.


Fucking hell lol


You sound ragin’ MM I live for how triggered this show gets you :joy::joy::joy::joy:.

Before it ends you might even go full Luca meltdown :wink: