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You should be PM…


@discobot fortune is MM a secret love island fan?


:crystal_ball: It is decidedly so


Knew it!


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


@discobot fortune is Love Island a large bucket of human waste?


:crystal_ball: Without a doubt


Dankeschoen. :sunglasses:


Btw, do you think jack looks a bit like Cesc?

Ngl I felt for a while that Sam might be gay too.


Can’t see the resemblance tbh haha


What makes you think they haven’t already?
I can’t imagine the sort of girls who go on that programme have been plucked from the local convent :grinning:


New girl going into tonight looks decent :eyes:


Link us then you cheeky rascal



you know what, I think Alex and Dr Alex could actually work :giroud3:

they have a similar sense of humour I feel.

Alexandra from Herts :arteta: deffo on his level, so let’s see.


Laura being so Scottish bout her moaning with Jack on the date hahahaha, I can relate so much to that, thinking everything will be shite for no reason etc

EDIT: Fucking hell have these producers done a MADNESS and found somebody for this dunderhead Doc? :cech:



Idris leaving already would be unreeeeeal! :giroud3: :giroud3: He’s such a overconfident prick with no personality. The other guy is overbearing aswell. Please pick Dr Alex :pray:


Westworld S2.

Currently on episode 6. I had watched season 1 last year but I more endured it rather than enjoyed it. Season 2 really stepped up a gear I have to say, been brilliant so far. I find Meave’s storyline incredibly boring and melodramatic but everything else is :ok_hand:

Oh, and Evan Rachel Wood, what a beauty. That jaw :heart_eyes:


Finished Altered Carbon season 1. Absolutely loved it. Especially in 4k. Great little concept.


It says she has 162.2k followers.
Here is a picture of them,


ahh Kieran is such a desperate creep. :anguished: :anguished: Get him outttt tonight :pray: would honestly make my night if him and Idris are sent packing :joy: