What are you watching?


So who’s yours? :eyes:


Grace may well be the most boring person in the world. She doesn’t even have any interests (I refuse to count “getting my nails done” as a hobby)

You shoulda chosen Charlie, Al!


He fucking likes rugby over football. hahahahahahahahaha that explains it all.


Was megan but that’s changed lol. Kaz is pretty nice, so I’d say her for now but ngl think the guys are hotter this year.

And yeah agreed I’ve gone off Alex lol, he’s a nice guy but is a bit dry. Understandable, cos the GMC are always watching and he can’t do anything too out there​:eyes::eyes::eyes:.

Should never have signed up to the show lol


Megan saying she still fancies Wes :joy::joy: ffs this girl


public voting off their least favourite couple. Bye Bye Josh :joy::joy::joy::joy:


And I thought adults watching Love Island was bad


Hahaha I liked it because it was a funny tweet!

That girl looks rough :laughing:


:joy::joy: So hope Josh is voted off tonight :pray::pray:


@Electrifying @JakeyBoy I swear the tweets are just as good as the show :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:




Georgia still the nation’s sweetheart then?! :arteta:

Smooching your mate’s couple guy then coming back for a second nibble. #loyalty

@Calum still no answer lol

Must say, by far my favourite thing about Love Island is the soundtrack. Absolutely flawless.

Hans Zimmer Batman epics mixed with Dr Dre’s ‘Forgot about Dre’. :arteta: Outstanding


haha I was out last night so didn’t watch it untill today.

They showed you it from another angle on the weekly hotlist and while Georgia initiated the kiss when she went back for another he didn’t pull away lol.


Right, action replay time

Check about 2:46. I think it deffo goes about as Jack says, he kind of jerks away but Georgia had her hand round his neck, preventing him from fully pulling away.

Opinions lads?

(Yes, I know I look ridiculous but that’s cos I am)


Get the VAR out imo

@Electrifying they show it from Georgia’s angle on the weekly hotlist. Looks different when you see it from that angle imo.



I’ll have a look at the hotlist.

EDIT: don’t think the second angle makes it much different tbh. It didn’t look like he wanted it. But it is definitely a spicier angle and will be sent to Laura tomorrow I bet


Take it back about Georgia being the best. Jesus shut up for a second ffs.


Aye not a good episode for Georgia so far.


It’s about to get worse haha


That chat the boys all had in a Yorkshire accent was fucking jokes :joy::joy::joy::joy: was howling.


What is the maximum accepted age to watch Luv Island? 25 ?


“What is the maximum accepted age to watch Luv Island? 25 ?”

I think that number is more like the required IQ level.