What are you watching?


Really? I just have missed that cos I missed half an hour that day cooking my tea. Roast chicken @Luca_from_Italy :henry2:

I see what you mean about Caroline Flack being annoying, she’s pissing me off too now lol


Please dont insult my brother @Cristo he is just going through tuff times. Its natural to challenge your masculinty at that age.


Stick it up your ass and don’t tag me again :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeooooooooow, he is just giving a bit of banter.


And i do love to respond to him in this way :kos2:


Loooooool :arteta:

@Calum @JakeyBoy I want Jordan back ffs he was the best looking person in the whole villa.

@Craigie the chicken was shite in the end as well :santi:


@Electrifying just got roasted by the chicken king @Luca_from_Italy


Chicken is murder.


I do always eat a roast chicken with potatoes on sunday, tbh.


such a cocky english


No, it’s just good food. End of it. Don’t fucking try to argue with me on a fucking roast chicken :wink:


Cultural Appropriation tbh.


Well, i don’t like England, but i can like some of your food ;). Nothing wrong with it.


Watching Twilight though.


No you can’t

If you can’t deal with us at our worse, you don’t deserve us at our best



Seen 10 new posts in here and thought another member had a hissy fit because we were talking about love island haha

@Electrifying The best looking is Georgia no-one comes close!


Well, i kind like you on this board and some other users, especially the ones who don’t suppport England lol! :mustafi:






Nah bro, disagree there m8

I guess we have different types lolol