What are you watching?



Wes’s Face :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Wait till Josh comes in :giroud3:

I’m fucking buzzing

Loool producers creating some Ellie Dani tension for no reason.

Edit: here we. Here we. Here we fucking go!


Poor Georgia actually gutted for her :disappointed: she probably should have went with her head over her heart but her loyalty is admired


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: WHAT A TWEET



The Dark Knight Music :arteta:

And now the GoT music hahahahaha this is ridiculous

Georgia fucked it being too loyal for very little reason imo should have went with the Wes 2 guy.


Georgia is the best. What a girl.

Fuck Dani for her utterly pointless hysterics the last few days as well, georgia comforting her the whole time then she is nowhere to be seen at the end.

Also would love someone to take a spade to megans face to show everyone how she really looks.


Aye she is clearly the best girl in there. Looks and personality/character. Josh is an idiot for swapping imo but thats his choice. Hope she gets a better guy than Josh now :joy:


Josh works for the Lad Bible. Of course he is going to be a dickwad!


Actually really invested in Jack and Dani right now. Just like the world cup, their relationship is coming home



The state of mankind


Georgia still the :crown: tho. She was proper heart broken last night :cry: Still can’t believe Josh would downgrade on her.


:joy::joy::joy: @JakeyBoy @Electrifying


Honestly think she is so butters, had a hard time articulating to my gf why she’s quite so unattractive


@Cristo again with a like :eyes: admit it cristoff you watch it don’t you? :cristo:


Think very carefully before answering, Cristofi.


Yeah Mount Cristo, I am reading here and ready to judge.


Wait she’s still there?

Thought nobody coupled up with her??

But yeah lol that was my first thought haha


Dr Alex pied Charlie for her haha