What are you watching?


Thanks for that will try to get some time for it - looks good.


Nice i love drugs and football, will enjoy this :cristo:


Is Love Island back for a new series?
Why didn’t anyone mention it before?


No one had the balls.


I reckon everyone was scared of being rebuked by trion


Also watch psychoville


I can’t help it lads.

I’m invested now.

Fully caught up @Calum and now I want to see this through to the end.

I want to see what happens when the 2 villas reunite, I hope that’s tonight.

Want to see what will happen to poor Georgia, Kaz and Josh are in for a pasting.

Very sneaky from the producers trying to cause trouble with Jack and Dani.

Also Adam back to being Adam :arteta:

Big Dean taking the patch better than most guys tbf, guess he’s satisfied he got a pull off Megan.

Aaaaardh wtf has happened to me?!?!


Honestly, Love Island needs its own thread.

This thread is contaminated :gabriel:


Your finally IN!! :henry2:

This game better not go to ET ffs the recoupling tonight looks absolute :fire::fire::fire::fire:



Dear m8 I’ll commit seppuku once it’s finished


Thank you Chadli :joy::joy::joy:

@Cristo why you liking it you detest this show remember? :wink:

It’s on for 90 minutes tonight :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: YESS


“I just can’t wait to get back to Meg”

Hahahaha Wes you fucking mug. This is gonna be sweet


@cristo FRAUD FRAUD i though you were one og the good guys !


I don’t understand people who don’t live in the UK that are moaning about love island :joy: like where else do you see it but this thread?!


Its good bantz mate. The drama this thread has created is Worthy of a Tarantino film.


There was only 387 replies in this thread before Love Island started #impact :eyes: we are carrying this thread


Carrying this thread to the dump. :per:




Love Island is quintessentially British.

Think you’d love it tbh.

Even Claude Littner from the Apprentice is watching it.

Btw I dunno cos I’ve not been watching their relationship closely, but there seems to be a whole misunderstanding with Georgia and Josh. She seems to think their relationship was a lot more than it really was, and he seems to like that other girl more.

She should have went with the Manchester Wes clone.