What are you watching?


Only sensible post in this thread from the omgz love island is shit hahahahaha brigade. Nice one Hassan


Josh is a prick.


Finished both Sherlock and Westworld. I’ve run out of things to watch :neutral_face:


sssssshhh Luv island only bruv :henry2:





Do I grab the box set and start binging?


No. Just stream it like a normal person. :wenger:


Haha I don’t stream things unless it’s on Netflix, Sky or Amazon Prime.


Stay out of this. @Cristo our leader.


@cristo Leader, legend :hearts:


@Calum finally got time to catch up on this week’s events, and the big Laura/Wes/Megan showdown.

ngl the parts in between the drama are boring AF. I can’t watch every episode of this show

Also the narrator guy fucks me off, he sounds like a monumental wank


Wait till you see poor Georgia getting snaked by Josh. The guy has one of nicest girls in the villa and he’s moved on to one of the new girls in casa amor while she’s stayed loyal in the villa as she really likes him and thinks he feels the same. Some guys don’t realise when they have a good thing.


Try a BBC comedy called “The League of Gentlemen”. I have been watching it on I-player again and forgot how brilliantly dark and funny it is.


Fuck yeah.

Top fucking TV show.


Haha, that used to irk me as a youngster and I really don’t feel like revisiting it now, it looks so weird.


I want to discuss ‘The Terror’ but don’t want to degrade my experience of it with lady boys talking about Love Island in between.


This guy knows. :joy::joy::joy:

wtf!! :open_mouth: it’s him that actually makes the show. :joy::joy: His commentary is unreal. Makes me laugh every night.


It is weird, and dark, and grim, and perverse but its also piss funny and you will be asking people “if they are local” and saying “Hallo Dave”.



If anyone fancies a break from Love Island, the ESPN documentary film The Two Escobars is free to view this week.

I’ve watched it and thought it was absolutely fantastic

One became one of Colombia’s most adored players, the other became one of the most notorious drug barons of all time. Watch how the love of football resulted in the murders of the Two Escobars.