What are you watching?


What have women contributed to mankind, bar their vagina?

Almost 99% contribution to human progress has come from men.


Trion, logout and go do something else before you find yourself with a ban, dude.


I’m sure by now you realise you’re never living that down, you fucking incel


I am sure by now you realize that doesn’t work on me.


What for?


Cuck, snowflake, soyboy and now incel. We’re literally becoming 4chan.


You were warned.


definition of misogyny doesn’t include stating facts


noun: misogyny

dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women.

Done none of it


Because you’re spiralling and it’s gonna end bad. Don’t get yourself banned man.


Too late. He’s suspended until tomorrow


Want me to tag you back in when Love Island is over? Or if someone mentions a 1930s subtitled Austrian TV show?


:joy: Na, I decided (in those like 2 mins) I’m a grown man, I can stomach it.


I mean, surely you must know this kind of comment is unacceptable, no matter what your opinion on their TV habits?


Just ban the prick for good he won’t be missed.

@jakeyboy casa amor is class haha. Here is where we see who is loyal and who isn’t. It caused ABSOLUTE CHAOS last year and was probably the moment of the series. Can’t wait for it all to unfold again this year


None of those new girls are fit wtf


haha. Kazmir seems the best tbf.


Yeah I’d change my opinion having seen more of her actually, she looked quite good when talking to Josh


I’ve got a general disdain for reality and trash TV. I find it a bit sickening to tell you the truth. But after living with 8 girls in their early 20’s for a year it definitely cleared up my understanding of the reality in the UK.

Relatable drama about dating, relationships and sex has always done well. Nothing gets the casual viewer going like gossiping and debating about this kinda shit. Whether that be about these people on TV or about people in their own lives. Guys are fully about that life too.

End of the day the majority is the majority.

If like me you don’t give a fuck for this stuff, it’s worth remembering even less people give a fuck about our stuff.

Better to be happy with what you like and to be able to do your own shit. No need to spend time hating on other people for their taste.


lady men